Using MathType to insert Math in Word

Using MathType to insert Math in Word

MathType is a interactive equation editor for creating mathematical expressions. It is available on the Windows and Macintosh platform and works with most word processing, presentation and publishing applications.

MathType can be purchased online, a 30 day trial version is also available. This article includes instructions for using MathType with Microsoft Word. MathType usage with other applications is mostly similar. For more information you can check the guide – Using MathType with other applications and websites, in particular you may be interested in Using MathType with Duxbury Braille Translator.

After Installing MathType, you will be able to use it from within Microsoft Word. The MathType tab is added to the Word ribbon and contains tools for inserting, converting and exporting mathematical expressions. The basic concept is to type the text of your document using Word, and type the math with MathType.

  1. To type a math equation within text, click on “Inline” in the MathType Tab in the Insert Equations group. You should click on “Display” to insert Math in its own line (block math).
  2. MathType window will open displaying an edit area to type the math.
  3. Now type the mathematical expression using numbers from your keyboard and symbols from the MathType window. You can also choose to insert any of the equations that are already on the MathType toolbar. You can speed up the typing and formatting of equations using MathType keyboard shortcuts.
  4. To insert the newly typed math expression into Word just close the MathType window and when prompted to save changes, choose “Yes”.
  5. You can edit an equation inserted in Word by double clicking it. The equation will open in MathType window where you will be able to make the desired changes.

Word document with math content inserted using MathType can be converted to EPUB using WordToEPUB and to DAISY using the Save as DAISY add-in.

Inserting complex equations requires familiarity with other tools of MathType. You can checkout the tutorials listed in the section below to learn more.

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