M-Enabling Summit 2024

Start date: October 15, 2024 - End date: October 17, 2024

Location: Washington DC and Online


The M-Enabling Summit returns in October to deliver three days of plenary presentations, parallel conference sessions, and workshops, to an in-person and online audience.

European Accessibility Summit 2024

The European Disability Forum (EDF) and Microsoft are teaming up for the fourth European Accessibility Summit, an all-day event on 7 May 2024 in Brussels and streamed online. This edition of the Summit will spotlight crucial themes: Accessibility achievements and policy updates during the last EU parliamentary term; The influence of digital accessibility on the voting process and candidacy of individuals with disabilities in the 2024 EU elections; The

Microsoft Ability Summit 2024

Date: March 7, 2024

Location: Learn more on the Microsoft Ability website


The Ability Summit from Microsoft is a free online event to showcase the latest developments in accessible technology, learn from leaders with disabilities, and explore how accessibility empowers everyone within an organization, your community, and so much more.

ATIA 2024

Start date: January 25, 2024 - End date: January 27, 2024

Location: Orlando, Florida


ATIA is the premier organization for manufacturers, sellers and providers of assistive technology (AT)—products, equipment and systems that enhance learning, working and daily living for persons with disabilities. This year’s event is in-person and virtual.

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2024

Start date: March 18, 2024 - End date: March 22, 2024

Location: Anaheim, California, USA


The CSUN AT Conference is typically one of the largest events in the world, drawing an international audience and highlighting the latest developments from across the assistive technology field.

International Purple Fest, Goa 2024

Start date: January 8, 2024 - End date: January 13, 2024

Location: Goa, India


The Purple Fest conference is a free event that celebrates persons with disabilities. The event covers 21 disabilities including low vision, blindness and learning differences. The DAISY Forum of India will be hosting meetings with other DAISY members and interested parties from across the South Asia region.

Inclusive Africa Conference 2024

Start date: May 14, 2024 - End date: May 16, 2024

Location: Nairobi, Kenya


This virtual and in-person event promotes the advancement of digital accessibility and assistive technology for persons with disabilities in Africa.

5th International Workshop on Digitization and E-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2024

Start date: February 15, 2024 - End date: February 17, 2024

Location: Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan


This hybrid (in-person and online) event is focused on the effective digitization and delivery of STEM resources. Topics will include: Digitizing and processing printed documents in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics): technology / practice, Digital libraries for STEM, Accessibility of STEM documents, accessible PDF (e.g. PDF/UA) for STEM documents, Accessibility of tables and figures,

ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium

Start date: November 1, 2023 - End date: November 2, 2023

Location: Washington DC


This two day symposium brings together accessibility professionals to present, discuss, and debate the accessibility testing of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Attracting both newcomers to the field of accessibility testing, as well as seasoned professionals who have made a career in testing,  the conference is attended by test process developers, conformance testing practitioners, usability

ICEVI Africa Conference 2023

Start date: October 9, 2023 - End date: October 12, 2023

Location: Nairobi, Kenya


The first ICEVI Africa Conference wil be held in Nairobi, Kenya with the theme: "The Future of Education for People with Visual Impairment in Africa" The conference will host several presentation sessions, related meetings, breakout sessions, an exhibition and social events.