Technologies, Projects and Services

DAISY Technologies, Projects and Services

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The main activities of the DAISY Consortium are described below. You will find an overview about the project together with release notes and download and installation instructions, where appropriate. Support is available for all our activities and we invite you access our Information and Help area if this is required.


DAISY leads the development of software used around the world in the creation, conversion and validation of accessible publications.

  • Ace by DAISY—Accessibility Checker for EPUB
  • Obi —audio book production tool for digital talking books
  • Pipeline—content conversion processes available in multiple formats for technical and more novice users
  • Save As DAISY—produce DAISY Format material from structured MS Word documents
  • Tobi—audio book production tool for human narrated titles
  • WordToEPUB —rapidly create EPUB publications from structured word processing documents


DAISY develops and contributes to mainstream and specialist standards to improve accessibility for all readers.

  • EPUB—leading mainstream ebook standard
  • DAISY—original digital talking book standard
  • DODP—DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, for transfer of digital content from service providers to end users
  • PDTB —Protected Digital Talking Books


  • Consultancy—bespoke services we can offer your organization
  • SMART—Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool to ensure your EPUB publications are accessible
  • Training—We conduct a range of tailored training services to organizations around the world


DAISY leads and contributes to a range of projects around the world. Current projects include:

  • ABC—contributing to the Accessible Books Consortium governance and delivery
  • Baseline for accessible EPUB3—creating industry-wide specifications for defining ebook accessibility requirements and developing the infrastructure to supporting implementations throughout the whole supply chain
  • Braille File Formats—exploring braille file formats to enhance user experiences
  • EPUBCheck—updating EPUBCheck tool for industry-wide validation requirements
  • EPUB in Higher Education– working group to realize the potential of accessible reading in Higher Education
  • European Inclusive Publishing Forum—collaboration network to support the implementation of the European Accessibility Act as it relates to digital publications
  • Erasmus+ Audio Textbooks Project—collaborative project to support students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities by providing them with digital books in DAISY format.
  • Inclusive Publishing Website—DAISY led information and news hub for accessible publishing
  • Microsoft Low-Cost Assistive Technology—multifaceted project delivering solutions to aid the creation of accessible publications in low and middle-income countries
  • Music Braille—working towards improved global solutions for the production and sharing of music braille resources benefitting blind musicians in education, employment and for leisure
  • Reading systems evaluation—the de facto benchmark for testing reading systems accessibility
  • TIES—Transition to an Inclusive EPUB 3 Ecosystem