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Accessible Publishing in Africa The Fundamentals (W)

Logos of DAISY, IPA, APNET and APIFWe recently conducted three webinars dedicated to introducing accessible publishing to an audience of people working in the publishing sector in Africa. This webinar covering “The Fundamentals” was delivered in 3 languages, the recordings and associated materials are linked below: First, we heard about the importance of accessible publishing for Africa from IPA President Bodour Al Qasimi and Ernest Oppong, Acting Executive Director of the African Publishers Network. Then we learned how accessible publishing can benefit millions of Africans with different print disabilities. We concluded the session with some examples of Accessible Publishing practices, and information about the free training that will be offered in the coming months.

Accessible Publishing in Africa The Fundamentals

Transcript of the English webinar English Powerpoint slides

Publication accessible en Afrique Les fondamentaux

Transcription du webinaire en français Diapositives Powerpoint en français

النشر الميسر في إفريقيا – الأسس والمقومات

شرائح باوربوينت العربية
These webinars and the associated training are part of an initiative driven by the Africa Publishing Innovation Fund (APIF), a grant-giving program co-led by philanthropic organization Dubai Cares working with the International Publishers Association (IPA), and the DAISY Consortium. Read More

Announcing The Microsoft Supported Low-Cost Assistive Technology Project

Illustration of a swiss-army-knife with converter options

Creating Accessible Books for Diverse and Affordable Reading Devices

At DAISY we have a long history of working with the world’s leading technology companies to deliver amazing solutions for people with print disabilities.  We’re delighted to announce our latest project which is made possible thanks to the Microsoft AI for Accessibility program.

In 2004 a global summit organized by Microsoft and DAISY began the journey towards the global sharing of accessible publications for people with print disabilities. A lot of progress has been achieved since then, but the benefits have not reached most people in lower-income countries. This project will unlock accessible reading for people who currently do not have access.

As a result of the Marrakesh Treaty more than a million books have become available under international exchange through global collaborations. These books are in file formats that deliver a first-class accessible reading experience on smart phones, computers, or dedicated hardware players. However, these playback devices often don’t reach people in low resource parts of the developing countries. Many rural areas do not have adequate electricity or internet connectivity.

In this project DAISY will be developing an easy-to-use application to convert books so they can be used by the devices typically in the hands of persons with disabilities in low resourced parts of the world. This includes basic phones, affordable braille displays, and even solar-powered audio players.

The solution will make it much easier for disability organizations, libraries, and schools to create or convert books for the devices typically used in their environments. We think of this tool like a Swiss-army knife, a small and very easy to use tool which offers multiple solutions, taking content from an array of formats and converting it automatically to various accessible formats.A blind man in a brightly colored shirt reads a book on a basic electronic braille display

Through this transformative project many people with print disabilities will be able to study at school, prepare for employment, and gain access to health and emergency information using the reading devices that are popular in their communities.

Thanks to support from Microsoft, this innovative converter tool will be made freely available to all, helping to deliver accessible reading materials in the formats needed to people all around the world.

There are many aspects to this project which we will be sharing in greater depth over the coming months. To keep up with the latest developments from this project, along with other activities from DAISY and our member organizations, subscribe to the DAISY Planet Newsletter.

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European Inclusive Publishing Forum – Update

EU Inclusive Publishing Forum cover slide

The DAISY AGM this year included a presentation on the European Inclusive Publishing Forum which DAISY hosts to enable the sharing of information and practices from across Europe to support the publishing community in preparing for the European Accessibility Act.

Visit our Inclusive Publishing site to read the full details from each of the case studies mentioned in the video:

Our European Inclusive Publishing Forum pages contain the latest information about this work, including details of how you can get involved.

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Washington, DC, USA

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November 3, 2022 - November 4, 2022

Milan, Italy

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