Using Sigil to create EPUB files

Using Sigil to create EPUB files

Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB eBook Editor. It is available free of cost for Windows, Mac and Linux. The download links are available on the Sigil website

Sigil features:

  • WYSIWYG editing in Book View with all common formatting tools
  • Complete control over directly editing EPUB syntax in Code View
  • Table of Contents generator with multi-level heading support
  • Metadata editor
  • Spell checking with default and user configurable dictionaries
  • Supports import of EPUB and HTML files, images, and style sheets,
  • Documents can be validated for EPUB compliance with the integrated Validator

The accessibility of Sigil with screen readers is limited. The text in Book View cannot be read with screen readers like Jaws and NVDA. The menus, dialogs and the code view is accessible with these screen readers.

A host of quality tutorials and videos are available on the internet to guide you to create EPUB files with Sigil. Therefore, instead of repeating the same instructions, we have listed the best resources to learn the use of Sigil.

Optionally you can watch the free video tutorial series on creating eBooks with Sigil by Stephen Outram

  1. Sigil Interface Overview
  2. Using Templates in Sigil
  3. Preparing Chapters and content in Sigil
  4. Footnotes and references in Sigil
  5. Images and illustrations
  6. Table of Contents
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