DAISY to MegaVoice Format Conversion Guide

DAISY to MegaVoice Format Conversion Guide

MegaVoice is a popular low-cost audio book player. It does not directly support the DAISY audio book format but with some changes DAISY books can be read on the MegaVoice devices.

The DAISY Pipeline App is a multi-format converter, and it includes a script to convert DAISY audio books to MegaVoice format. Follow the steps listed below to transform a DAISY book to a format which will work on MegaVoice Players.

  1. Start the DAISY Pipeline App and wait for the Pipeline engine to start
  2. In “Select a script” select “DAISY 2 to MegaVoice multi-level” or “DAISY 3 to MegaVoice multi-level”

    DAISY Pipeline app screenshot showing the DAISY 2.02 to MegaVoice multi-level script

  3. Click the browse button and select the “.opf” file in case of DAISY 3 and “ncc.html” file in case of DAISY 2.02 inside the DAISY book folder.
  4. In Player type select the option which matches the reading device available with the group for which this conversion is being done.
  5. Next select the “Book folder Level”.
  6. Run the job by clicking the “Run” button
  7. The job status will be displayed at the top of the window. It could read “Running” and later “Completed” or “Error”. The progress messages are displayed under “Messages” heading.
  8. Don’t worry about warnings in the conversion, only errors (hopefully there will be none!).
  9. When the conversion is completed successfully click the “Show results folder” to view the output.

The output will be a folder structure with MP3 audio files arranged in a format suitable for navigation in a MegaVoice player. Now you will need to copy the newly created folder to MegaVoice device for reading.

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