AZARDI Overview

AZARDI Overview

Azardi reader icon AZARDI Desktop is a reading application that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Infogrid Pacific website.

AZARDI features include:

  • Full EPUB 3 support – reflowable, fixed layout, media overlays, Java script
  • Full text index search across multiple books
  • Remembers last reading position in every book
  • Preserves visual customization in each book
  • Unlimited Font-size, Line-height and Margin adjustments
  • Footnote and note popups using EPUB properties

Full feature list  is available on the AZARDI website.

After opening AZARDI, click the Library icon [top right] to reveal the toolbar. Click the ADD BOOK button to browse and select EPUB files. The selected files will be added to the AZARDI library. You can view the library as a grid or table using the buttons on the top toolbar. Click any title in the library to open it and start reading.

AZARDI user guide and more help  can be found on the Infogrid Pacific website. Here is a link to a YouTube video on the search and indexing feature in AZARDI .

Accessibility tips

Users will find it easier to open EPUB files in AZARDI by making it the default application or by using the OPEN WITH option. This is because the toolbar buttons in AZARDI user interface are not easily accessible with keyboard or screen reader.

Screen Reading software users should make use of the keyboard shortcuts listed below for navigation within the book. It may be necessary to use the screen reader ‘key pass through” keystroke before using the AZARDI shortcuts. The NVDA “Pass next key through” keystroke is NVDA key+F2 and for JAWS it is JAWS key + 3. Once the book is open, all the JAWS text reading commands including single letter hot keys for web pages can be used.

Keyboard shortcuts

Given below are some important keystrokes for using AZARDI.

Command Keystroke
Next Page Right Arrow or PgUp
Previous Page Left Arrow or Pg Dn
Next Section Shift Right Arrow or Shift PgUp
Previous Section Shift Left Arrow or Shift PgDn
Hide/Show Table of Contents Shift + T
Close Reader and Save settings Shift + X
Audio play/pause Ctrl + Spacebar (Toggle)
Stop audio Shift +Spacebar
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