Bookshare Reader iOS and Android app overview

Bookshare Reader iOS and Android app overview

Bookshare Reader is a free app created by Benetech for members of the Bookshare online library. It can be installed from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store for mobile devices. As of April 2023 this app is available only in USA, it will be available in other countries soon.

Bookshare Reader app icon

Bookshare is an online library with a huge collection of books in accessible formats for people with reading barriers like dyslexia, blindness, low vision, and physical disabilities. If you are a Bookshare member, you can install the Bookshare Reader app to download and read books on your iPhone/iPad or Android tablet or smart phone. Bookshare Reader can also be used within the Browser or with Alexa on the smart speaker.

Bookshare Reader app features

  • Listen to books in high quality TTS voices
  • Adjust reading speed, font size, and colors
  • Text is highlighted with Read Aloud
  • Navigate by page and chapter
  • Easily resume from last reading position
  • Read offline after downloading books

To use Bookshare Reader, you must have a Bookshare membership, the requirements for which can be checked on the Bookshare website.

How to use the app

The app usage is explained in below video.

  1. Install the app
  2. Login with your Bookshare membership user ID and password
  3. To search a book type the title in search box
  4. Select the book you want to read from the search results. You can select the grey download button for future reading offline, or you can select the blue read now button to immediately stream the book and open the Bookshare Reader app.
  5. Select the play button to hear the book read aloud with text to speech.
  6. Select the gear icon to change various settings such as reading speed, voice, and color contrast.
  7. Select the table of contents icon to navigate the book by chapters

The Bookshare Reader app is accessible with screen readers. You can use it with Voiceover or Talkback.

To know more you can visit Bookshare Training & Learning centre and FAQ page.

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