FSReader Getting Started Guide

FSReader Getting Started Guide

FSReader is a DAISY format reader for Desktop PCs running Windows from Freedom Scientific. FSReader is automatically installed with JAWS and MAGic.

FSReader supports books in DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 (ANSI/NISO) standard. All types of DAISY format books i.e. audio only, text only or full-text and full-audio can be opened for reading in FSReader. FSReader is also used to read training material from Freedom Scientific which is in DAISY format.

FSReader can also play protected DAISY format books that require User Authorization Key (UAK). For reading such books like the books available from Learning Ally. You will have to obtain the UAK key from the book provider.

FSReader Features

  • Navigation to chapters and sub-section using the TOC and keystrokes
  • Support for page number navigation
  • Read aloud with text highlighting (spotlight)
  • Text search is available in books containing text of the publication
  • Unlimited bookmarks with custom text can be added
  • Reading speed can be reduced or increased

Installing and opening FSReader

FSReader is included FREE with JAWS and MAGicand is installed automatically. No separate installer is available for FSReader, when you install a demo or licensed version of Jaws or MAGic, you can use FSReader.

You can start FSReader by activating its icon on the computer desktop screen. Alternatively, open Start Menu and search for FSReader by typing its name in the search field.

Opening books in FSReader

Open FSReader and click Open in File menu or use the keystroke Ctrl + o. Now browse the device memory and select the folder containing the DAISY format book. In case of DAISY 2.02 book the file named ncc.html should be selected from inside the DAISY format book folder. In case of DAISY 3 books select the file having .opf extension and then click the Open button.

Reading and Navigation in Books

The FSReader window consists of the Navigation pane on the left side and the bigger Content pane on the right. When a DAISY format book is opened, the list of sections and sub-sections are presented as a tree-view in the Navigation pane.

Select the section you want to read by using the arrow keys. If you want to use the read aloud feature or listen to the pre-recorded audio (if available in the book), press Enter or use the keystroke Ctrl + p. To stop reading press Ctrl + p again.

To read book content with screen reader, select a section in the Navigation pane and then press F6. Now all the screen reader text reading keystrokes can be used for reading and navigation.

Important keystrokes

The table given below lists important keystrokes. To know more about FSReader press F1 or choose Getting Started in Help menu.

Function Keystroke
CTRL + P Play or Pause
Stop CTRL + S
Rewind or previous phrase Comma
Forward or next phrase Period
Next section Down arrow
Focus should be in navigation tree view
Previous section UP arrow
Focus should be in navigation tree view
Increase playback speed CTRL+PGUP
Decrease playback speed CTRL+PGDN
Normal speed CTRL+SHIFT+N
Go to page CTRL + G
Find text CTRL + F
Find next F3
Find previous SHIFT + F3
Set Bookmark CTRL + B
Go to a Bookmark CTRL + K

Running FSReader in the background

FSReader has a unique feature which allows you to control the playback of DAISY format book even while working on another application on the same computer. For example if you are reading a tutorial on Microsoft Word, you can minimize FSReader and start your practice in Microsoft Word. You can press CTRL + P to play and pause, CTRL + comma to rewind 5 seconds and CTRL + period to forward 5 seconds at a time. Note that pressing CTRL + P will not open the Microsoft Word Print dialog, instead this keystroke will start or stop the FSReader playback.