RedShelf app for iOS and Android

RedShelf app for iOS and Android

RedShelf is an eBook distribution and reading platform. It is working with publishers, schools and universities to provide access to books to students. RedShelf books can be read using its mobile apps or web interface.

The RedShelf eReader companion app provides simple online or offline access to read and engage with textbooks located in a RedShelf account.

RedShelf app features

  • Supports navigation using TOC and print page numbers
  • Highlights and notes can be shared with other users
  • Flashcards can be created for better understanding of the content
  • Study guides feature for reviewing content and test preparation
  • Dictionary support
  • Read aloud with voice and speech rate customization
  • Syncing of all notes and highlights and across devices

Installing the app

RedShelf app can be installed from the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app is free of cost.

The RedShelf mobile apps and online reader have similar features and functionality. Users will get a consistent experience between their desktop, tablet, and mobile devices while using RedShelf.

You need a RedShelf account to use the mobile apps. A new account cannot be created using the app. You need to go to to create the account. You can then use the same user ID and password in the mobile apps and RedShelf website.

If you have access to RedShelf through your LMS (such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, etc.) you will not be able to automatically log into the app. In order to gain login credentials for the app, simply select “Forgot Password” and enter the email address associated with your LMS account. You will receive an email with a password reset and you should follow the instructions for creating a new password in order to log in.

RedShelf app UI overview

The app has three main screens or tabs. The “My Shelf” screen lists all the books available for reding. The book details can be checked by tapping on the three dots shaped menu button shown with each book.

The other screens/tabs can be activated using the buttons at the bottom.

The “Profile” screen/tab displays your account information and has options for changing password, signing out and clearing all offline content.

The “Reading now” screen/tab opens the last read book. This same screen gets activated when you select any book in My Shelf for reading. The book content is display in this screen with different options for navigation and reading. At the top are “Main menu” button, “Go to page”, “Zoom in”, “Zoom out” and “Create bookmark” button. The iOS app also has Text to Speech controls menu on top right, it is not there in the Android app.

At the bottom of this screen there are two buttons. left arrow shaped “Previous content” button on the left corner and right arrow shaped “Next content” button in right corner.

The main menu button in this screen opens another screen which has various options such as opening the “Table of contents”, “Bookmark list”, “Notes and highlights” and “Display options”. “Study Guide”, “Flashcards” and “Help and support” can also be accessed from this menu.

Finding and loading books

Books can be purchased from the RedShelf Store – Materials purchased there will appear in the app My Shelf screen.

Alternatively, your school/university may add books to your account and you will be able to read them using the RedShelf mobile app or its web interface.

Sideloading of files is not supported by the RedShelf app. You cannot open your own EPUB or any other format files in the app.

Reading books

In the My Shelf screen tap on the three dots shaped menu button beside the title you want to read. Now tap on “Details” if you want to know more about the book or tap on “Read” to open it for reading.

You can also tap on “Reading now” at the bottom of screen to open the last read book. It will open at the last read position.

You can scroll through the content using vertical swipes or tap on “Next/Previous content buttons” in the bottom to move across chapters.

Tap on the “Bookmark” button in top right to place a bookmark on the current screen. Tap and drag your finger to select text. A pop-up will open from which you can choose a colour to highlight the text. You can also add Notes, create Flashcard or copy text using buttons in this pop-up.

Tap on the Menu button to access the Table of Contents, Search and list of Bookmarks and Notes.

An edit box at the top displays the current page number. Here you can type the page number you want to go to. Note that all eBooks do not have print page or hard-coded page numbers, go to page will not be usable in such books.

In the iOS app, Read-aloud options are available on the top right, indicated by the three dots shaped menu button. Tap on it to reveal the Play, stop and Forward buttons. You can also change the volume and playback using the sliders available in this pop-up. You can also open Text-to-speech settings by going into the menu, the TTS voice can also be changed from there.


Persons with disabilities should not have any difficulty in using this app. The app works well with Voiceover and Talkback screen readers. All controls and icons in the app are properly labelled. This app has scored over 90% in different accessibility tests on Extended image descriptions and MathML reading is also supported to some extent.

Many Keyboard Shortcuts have been provided by the app. The list can be seen by opening the menu and then tapping on Keyboard shortcuts.

Help and Support

If you face issues using the app, RedShelf recommends that you first update your mobile operating system and ensure that you have the latest version of the app.

Further note that highlighting may not work properly in some books due to publisher restrictions. Text to Speech is currently not enabled in the Android app and you cant use the read aloud feature.

Help and Support options are available within the app. Just open the app menu and select Help and Support. Dedicated Accessibility support is also available with answers to frequently asked questions.

You can contact RedShelf Support Team for all other issues.

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