Voice Dream Reader Overview

Voice Dream Reader Overview

Voice Dream app iconVoice Dream Reader is a versatile reading tool for iOS Apple devices – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Featuring Dyslexia friendly font, text and audio synchronization, customizable font size and colour combinations, as well as full VoiceOver support – this app is useful for all, including individuals with different disabilities.

Voice Dream Reader supports many file formats including DAISY 3.0 text-only, DAISY 2.02 audio, DRM-free EPUB, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML and zipped MP3 files.

Voice Dream Reader is integrated with Bookshare and Gutenberg and it can load files from Dropbox, Google Drive or iTunes via USB or Wi-Fi.

Voice Dream Reader works with voices available on the device and offers in-app purchase of voices for more than 20 languages.

This app provides many navigation and reading options including navigation by sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter; adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights, reading speed control, pronunciation dictionary and more.

For a complete list of supported file formats, text-to-speech (TTS) voice options and other features, visit the Voice Dream Reader website.

The following resources will be helpful in learning to use the Voice Dream Reader app.

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