DAISY—Structure Guidelines: Intro to Structured Markup, Producer’s Notes

DAISY—Structure Guidelines: Intro to Structured Markup, Producer’s Notes

Information added to the DTB by the producer should be tagged as producer’s notes using the tag. Producer’s notes may be used in the front matter, body matter or rear matter of a DTB. In the front matter, producer’s notes may contain information such as a special copyright message, differences between the DTB and the print book, narrator’s name and production date, etc.

In addition, the producer may create a whole section, ideally near the beginning of the frontmatter, titled How to use this DTB, that may contain a general description of the structure of the book, number of levels, navigation features, etc., without reference to any specific playback platform.

The body matter will often contain producer’s notes incorporating descriptions of pictures, diagrams, maps, etc. Producer’s notes in the rear matter may contain information about the production of the DTB that is not included in the front matter.

The producer must classify producer’s notes as either required or optional via the render attribute. The end user may choose to have the material that is classified as optional turned on or off. How to use this DTB would typically be classified as required whereas descriptions of pictures could be classified as optional.