AMIS—Frequently Asked Questions

AMIS—Frequently Asked Questions

AMIS is now archived and is no longer being developed or supported


General Questions

Who should be using AMIS?

Development on AMIS ceased in 2011 with support stopping shortly after. The technology has moved on considerably since that time, so we now recommend finding an alternate reading system instead of using AMIS.

Does AMIS run on Linux or Mac?

AMIS does not run on Linux or Mac. It only runs on Windows.

Can AMIS play books over the internet? 

Amis can play books over the internet although it doesn’t stream them. It downloads the data necessary to play each portion. Go to File, Open URL and enter the address of your book’s NCC or OPF file. e.g.

Will AMIS play Learning Ally / NLS / Bookshare books?

Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D) and NLS books are copy-protected and, therefore, do not work in AMIS. Bookshare books should work in AMIS if they are formatted as valid DAISY/NISO 2005 books.

Does AMIS support books with Math? 

AMIS does not support books with Math but it supports fallback images associated with Mathematical expressions.

Can AMIS play HTML, MP3, or plain text files? 

AMIS will only play DAISY books (which comprise many files that all work together to provide text, audio, and navigation). Playback of standalone HTML, MP3, and plain text is not supported.

AMIS Installation

How do I perform an unattended/silent installation of AMIS? 

To run an unattended or silent installation of AMIS, run the setup program with a /S option: C:\>Setup-amis31.exe /S

Can AMIS run without being installed? 

AMIS cannot run without being installed, but this is such a popular feature request that it should be expected in a future revision.

AMIS Language Support

Can AMIS read books in my language? 

AMIS supports books in almost any language. The book must have been created using supported encodings. Right now, this includes UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, and ASCII. No matter what language AMIS itself is set to use in its user interface (buttons, dialogs, menus, etc), it can read books in almost any language.

Is AMIS available in my language? 

All of the menu items, dialog boxes, buttons, spoken prompts, and help contents in AMIS can be translated into your chosen language.  A complete translation is bundled as a language pack add-on and is distributed on our website. There is a growing collection of language packs for AMIS. Check our languages download page for a current list.

I want to translate AMIS. How can I get started? 

To create and maintain our translations of AMIS, we depend on volunteer contributions.If you would like to volunteer to translate AMIS you should email us .

Can the installer also be translated? 

Translating the text of the installer is possible (and easiest if the target language is included by default in NSIS). Note that the installer contains no audio.

AMIS Accessibility

Will my screen reader work with AMIS? 

For screen reader accessibility, the following options are available:

  • Jaws for Windows: AMIS comes with Jaws scripts. You can also download them separately.
  • HAL and Supernova: Run an update of Hal/Supernova while connected to the internet to get the map file for AMIS support
  • Window Eyes: Users report that AMIS is compatible. More details about the user experience as we collect feedback.
  • NVDA: AMIS is compatible; however, switching between AMIS playback and text reading mode is not supported.

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