Pipeline 1—New Jobs Wizard

Pipeline 1—New Jobs Wizard

Jobs are added through the New Job Wizard which can be launched either by selecting the New… Pipeline Job item in the File menu, or by pressing the Wizard button at the top left part of the Jobs View.

The wizard is made up of a two page process

  1. Selecting the Script
  2. Configuring the Script

Page One – Selecting the Script

The first page of the Wizard provides a tree view of the available scripts. When you select a script, a tooltip (also provided in the top bar of the page) will give a brief description of the Script functionality. In the lower left of the page, a link to Script Help is provided. Detailed information about the Scripts, file requirements, outputs and is available in the Documentation Perspective  which is recommended.

To toggle between the script selector and the browser view, use the F6 key.

When you have found the script you want to run, press the next button.

Page Two – Configuring the Script

The second page of the wizard contains all the configuration options, shown in two groups:

  • Required parameters that needed for the script to run
  • Optional parameters that can be set if needed, but the script will run even if they are not explicitly set.

As you select a parameter, a tooltip (also provided in the top bar of the page) will give a brief description of the parameters function. If this information does not suffice, please refer to the Script documentation in the Documentation Perspective.

Once all required parameters have been set, press the Finish button to finalize the Wizard and return to the Jobs view. The job has now been added to the jobs queue.

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