Tobi—Keyboard Shortcuts

Tobi—Keyboard Shortcuts

Tobi provides various accessibility features enabling people with disabilities to work on it conveniently. These features are elaborated in the following topics:
Keyboard shortcuts
Audio cues

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the key combinations that enable quick and easy access to commands, eliminating the need to go to resources that list them such as menu bar. They not only prove beneficial for visually impaired but also assist advanced users in rapid book production. Keyboard shortcuts of Tobi are classified in the subsections below according to their usage, and the single key shortcuts are listed at the end of the section.

General Commands

Command Shortcut
Open an existing Tobi project Ctrl+O
Open Recent Projects Dialog Shift+Ctrl+O
Save the current project Ctrl+S
Save a copy of the current project to a different location Shift+Ctrl+S
Close the current project Ctrl+F4
Exit from Tobi Alt+F4

Import and Export

Command Shortcut
Import a DAISY/EPUB book Ctrl+I
Export the current project to a full-text, full-audio DAISY book or EPUB 3 media overlays Ctrl+E

Cleanup command

Command Shortcut
Invoke project cleanup Shift+Alt+Ctrl+D

Magnification Commands

Command Shortcut
Magnify the entire UI Ctrl+Plus Sign
Shrink the entire UI Ctrl+Minus Sign
Reset UI magnification to default Shift+Ctrl+Minus Sign
Fit the contents of Audio Editor Pane in its visible area Ctrl+W
Zoom in or out the audio selection Shift+Ctrl+W

Shifting Focus among UI Components

Command Shortcut
Shift the focus to the text of the Document Pane F6
Shift the focus to Navigation Pane F8
Move the focus to Main Toolbar F9
Move the focus to Document Toolbar F10
Move the focus to Audio Toolbar F7
Go to Status Bar F4

Invoking Editors and Utility Dialogs

Command Shortcut
Invoke the Image Description Editor Shift+Ctrl+D
Invoke the Metadata Editor F11
Open the Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+F1
Open the Project Spine dialog Ctrl+U
Launch Narrator View Ctrl+N

General Editing and Search Commands

Command Shortcut
Copy the current selection to application clipboard Ctrl+C
Cut the current selection and copy it to application clipboard Ctrl+X
Paste the item from application clipboard to the current location Ctrl+V
Undo the last executed command Ctrl+Z
Redo the last undone command Ctrl+Y
Invoke the find function Ctrl+F
Find the next item containing the same search term F3
Find the previous item matching the same search term Shift+F3

Document Navigation and Mode Selection

Command Shortcut
Go to next item in Document Pane Ctrl+Period
Go to previous item in Document Pane Ctrl+Comma
Go to the referenced book element Ctrl+L
Go back to anchor (referring element) Shift+Ctrl+L
Show the sub-items of higher selection in Document Structure Trail Shift+Ctrl+Comma
Hide the sub-items of higher selection in Document Structure Trail Shift+Ctrl+Period
Change the view mode of Document Pane to and from single phrase mode Ctrl+T
Toggle the granularity of the document between fine and coarse Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T

Document Marks and Text Editing

Command Shortcut
Toggle document mark Ctrl+K
Remove all the document marks Shift+Ctrl+K
Edit the text of selected item F2

Audio Insertion

Command Shortcut
Generate audio equivalent of current selection using synthetic voice Ctrl+G
Generate audio equivalent of entire document using synthetic voice Shift+Ctrl+G
Import pre-recorded audio file Shift+Ctrl+I
Start recording Ctrl+R
Stop recording Ctrl+R / Ctrl+Space / Esc
Wind up the content recorded till now to the current item and start recording for the next item Shift+Ctrl+R
Turn on/off preview before recording Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R
Start audio monitoring Ctrl+M
Stop audio monitoring Ctrl+M / Ctrl+Space
Reset the session counter to 0 Ctrl+H

Playback Commands

Command Shortcut
Play the audio content of the selected item Space
Continually play the audio content of the document, starting from the current selection Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Space
Pause the playback Space
Turn on/off the auto play option Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P
Increase the playback rate Ctrl+Up arrow
Decrease the playback rate Ctrl+Down Arrow
Reset the playback rate to normal Ctrl+0

Audio Navigation

Command Shortcut
Step back; move the audio cursor backward very small amount of time Ctrl+Left Arrow
Step forward; move the audio cursor forward very small amount of time Ctrl+Right Arrow
Go the beginning of the current waveform Home
Go to the end of the current waveform End
Go to the beginning of the waveform corresponding to the previous item Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow
Go to the beginning of the waveform corresponding to next item Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow

Audio Selection

Command Shortcut
Mark the beginning of audio selection Ctrl+[
Mark the end of the audio selection Ctrl+]
Select the entire audio content of the current waveform Ctrl+A
Select the audio content on the left of the audio cursor in the current waveform Shift+Home
Select the audio content on the right of the audio cursor in the current waveform Shift+End
Select the audio content of waveform corresponding to previous item Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow
Select the audio content of waveform corresponding to next item Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow
Clear selection Ctrl+D

Audio Editing and Preview

command Shortcut
Preview up to the audio cursor Shift+Ctrl+P
Preview after the audio cursor Ctrl+P
Split the audio content at the current position of audio cursor Ctrl+Enter
Delete selected audio Del

Upgrading DAISY Books to EPUB

command Shortcut
Convert DAISY books to EPUB3 books Shift+Ctrl+C

Single Key Shortcuts

Please note that the single key shortcuts work when the focus is on waveforms or Status Bar.

command Shortcut
Stop recording and continue command, plus Start recording R
Start monitoring M
Stop recording, start or pause playback Space


Tobi provides numerous magnification features that act on entire UI or specific panes. The size of visual elements has been formulated according to the basic design of Tobi’s screen to present a holistic picture and utmost usability, but it can be adjusted to meet special requirements in the following ways.

Audio Cues

Audio cues are the voice indications given by Tobi for confirmations or warnings. The following table lists the audio cues of Tobi.

Audio Cue Purpose Significance
Single Knock Confirmation Beginning of the audio selection has been marked.
Double Knock Confirmation End of the audio selection has been marked.
“Low” Warning Amplitude of audio being heard is low.
“High” Warning Amplitude of audio being heard is high.
“Good” Confirmation Amplitude of audio being heard is of good quality. This means that it is neither low nor high.

Audio cues can be enabled or disabled using the Preferences dialog. Search for the entry “EnableAudioCues” and set it to True to enable them, and False to disable them.

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