BANA Presents Braille Excellence Award

The Braille Authority of North America (BANA) has awarded Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins the Darleen Bogart BANA Braille Excellence Award in recognition of work in the field of Tactile Graphics, and for leading international work on the DAISY Music Braille Project. Many congratulations Sarah for this well deserved award. Read the BANA award press release. Read More

Congratulations to ABC Excellence Awards Winners 2023

Many congratulations to the winners of the Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Awards for Accessible Publishing, announced today at The Sharjah Book Fair.

The awards are divided into 2 categories with an impressive set of finalists for each.

Publisher Award Winner: Bokförlaget Hegas AB

Swedish publisher Hegas was recognized for “its outstanding achievements in inclusiveness, thoroughness of its accessible production methodology and overall impact.” The Awards jury made special note of Hegas’ focus on inclusiveness, as evidenced by their collection of books in Arabic, as well as their commitment to producing their books in accessible formats for a wide variety of children with different reading abilities.

Congratulations also go to the other finalists in this category:

Initative Award Winner: The Accessible Reading Materials Library, Chetana Charitable Trust of India

This winner has done wonderful work in recent years to serve an online readership in more than 100 countries. The library started as a physical library for local children with print disabilities,but its reach grew rapidly during the pandemic period developing into a major online resource/ Founder, Namita Jacob, commented “We believe that in building accessible books, people of all ages learn to be more creative, sensitive and intuitive and in this way, we are building a better, more inclusive world.”

Congratulations also go to the other finalists in this category:

Nominees were judged on the criteria of outstanding leadership or achievements in improving the accessibility of ebooks or other digital publications for persons who are print disabled.

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Shortlist Announced for ABC International Excellence Awards 2023

The short-list for the 2023 ABC International Excellence Awards in Accessible Publishing has been announced in advance of the awards ceremony to be held at the Sharjah Publishers Conference on October 39th, 2023.  There are two categories of awards, publishers and initiatives, and the following shortlisted candidates were selected from nominations from around the globe:



A jury made up of representatives from publishers, organizations working in the field of accessibility, and organizations representing persons who are visually impaired, is charged each year with the difficult task of choosing finalists and selecting winners. Congratulations to all those shortlisted!

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GCA Celebrates 5 Years Since Launch

Our congratulations to everyone who has worked on the Benetech Global Certified Accessible initiative since its launch 5 years ago. The DAISY Consortium are delighted to be so closely affiliated with the program, which has grown from a pilot project of a couple of conversion vendors to over 50 publishers and 10 conversion vendors now certified. Numbers continue to increase and the new Benetech Approved Tools Program makes sure that the EPUBs created from a partner’s tools are also accessible.

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Nominations Open – International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing 2023

Nominations are now open for the WIPO Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Award 2023. As in previous years, there are two categories for the awards, allowing both publishers and other initiatives to be celebrated for their work progressing accessibility in their respective fields.

Nominations are open until August 4th, and the winners will be announced during a ceremony in October at the Publishers Conference in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.

Visit the ABC International Awards page for the nomination form and details of the process.

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Avneesh Singh Re-Elected to W3C Advisory Board

Many congratulations to Avneesh Singh, Chief Operating Officer at The DAISY Consortium, who has been re-elected to the W3C Advisory Board, as reported in W3C’s announcement. Avneesh’s submission blog piece is available to read on the W3C submissions pages.

The W3C Advisory Board  “provides ongoing guidance on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution” within the W3C. DAISY is delighted that the board will continue to have the benefit of Avneesh’s experience and expertise.

The elected Members of the Advisory Board participate as individual contributors and not representatives of their organizations. Advisory Board participants use their best judgment to find the best solutions for the Web, not just for any particular network, technology, vendor, or user.

Our congratulations also to Inclusive Publishing Partner, Rakuten Kobo who’s Accessibility and Publishing Standards Lead, Wendy Reid, was also elected to the advisory board.

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DAISY Annual Report 2022

Following approval at the AGM in May, the Annual Report of DAISY Consortium activities conducted in 2022 has now been published. With messages from our President and Treasurer, brief summaries of tool development, project activity, and training, along with contributions of highlights from DAISY Members.

You can download the report in EPUB format, or read the report directly on our website.

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EPUB 3.3 Becomes a W3C Recommendation

The W3C have issued a press release to announce the publication of EPUB 3.3 as a W3C Recommendation. This is a significant development and this iteration of the EPUB format offers the greatest opportunity for accessible content to date.

Accessibility of EPUB publications was an essential part of the group’s activity. As a result, the EPUB Accessibility specification has been updated and, for the first time in the history of EPUB, is now an integral part of the EPUB Standard. Furthermore, the EPUB Accessibility specification is compatible with the European Accessibility Act whose influence will be significant on Digital Publishing in the years to come.

Wendy Reid, Joint Chair of the EPUB 3 Working Group at W3C discussed the new version in our article What’s Next for Digital Publishing? EPUB 3 offers the most accessible experience for print disabled readers and we are delighted with today’s news.Congratulations to the working group!

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Ace Feedback Wanted

If you use Ace By DAISY to check the accessibility of your EPUB files we would love to hear from you. Our survey, which covers both the command line and app versions of the tool, is intended to help shape and prioritize our development plans.

Take the Ace by DAISY Survey

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WordToEPUB version 1.0.10

The free DAISY WordToEPUB tool enables the creation of accessible EPUB files from Microsoft Word documents.

WordToEPUB version 1.0.10 was released in February 2023. This version includes support for definition lists and pull quotes; enhanced image support including conversion to the WebP format; the ability to specify image filenames for the HTML export; localization for Turkmen and updated translations for Finnish and Greek, and various bug fixes.

This update includes a tool to convert an EPUB ebook to a Word document. Some alt format organizations find it easier to edit in Word, performing such tasks as adding extended descriptions or extracting certain chapters, before using WordToEPUB to convert to EPUB, HTML, or using other tools to make braille or audio versions.

If you are already using WordToEPUB then you will be given the option to upgrade next time you run it.

Free online courses are available on the DAISY Learning site to help you get the most from this tool. Accessible Word Documents introduces how to make accessible Word documents, building accessibility into the foundation of your content.  Accessible EPUB with WordToEPUB help you get started, from installing the tool to creating your first EPUB file, as well as introducing some of the more advanced features of the tool.

You can read more about WordToEPUB and download the latest at

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