Dolphin Converter – a simple and free accessible formats creation tool

Dolphin Converter – a simple and free accessible formats creation tool

Dolphin Converter is being provided free of cost by Dolphin to users in developing countries. Visit the Dolphin Converter page to download the tool. The list of countries where it can be downloaded and used is also provided on this page.

Dolphin Converter makes alternate format conversion very simple and quick. The main features of this app are:

  • Creates Braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY text/talking books
  • Simple 3 step conversion, no experience required
  • Converts any Word document version 2003 upwards
  • Available in UK English, US English, French & Portuguese language

The conversion and features are demonstrated in this short YouTube video.


Dolphin Converter works on Windows 7, 8 & 10 32 bit or 64 bit. You also need to have Microsoft Office 2003 or higher. Download the installer from the Dolphin website .

Launch Dolphin Converter after installation. You will need to sign in with a Dolphin account. If you don’t have one, you can create it easily by clicking on Sign in. You will be directed to the Dolphin website where you can register by providing your email ID and setting a password. After selecting ‘submit’, your Dolphin Account will be ready to use. Provide the email ID and password and start using Dolphin Converter. Note that you will be sent a verification link by email to verify your Dolphin account. You need to verify the account within 7 days.

The conversion process

  1. Open Dolphin Converter and click on Browse. Select a Microsoft Word document.

    It is highly recommended to use a well formatted document as input. The navigation options in the output format will depend upon the mark-up of the source work document. You should use heading styles to mark-up sections and sub-sections, create proper tables and lists and keep a simple reading order in the document (no floating text boxes etc.). Checkout the Guide on creating accessible Word documents.

  2. Select the output format from the Convert to drop down list and click the Next button. The output options are:
    • DAISY 2.02 text-only or with TTS recording: Both the text-only version and the multi-media DAISY book having complete text and images with its synchronized recording in TTS voice are popular format among the print disabled who use mobile apps, hardware eBook readers or the apps on PC for reading.
    • MP3 audio: The text will be recorded in TTS voice and MP3 files will be created.
    • Braille: A BRF format file will be created. It can be used for Braille printing using embossers or for direct reading using Refreshable Braille Display devices.
    • Large Print: A new document will be created with enlarged text and images for convenience of people with weak eyesight.
  3. In the next Settings screen choose the options for creating your desired format and click Start. The options for creating different formats are explained below.

The status of conversion will be displayed and soon you will get a message confirming completion of the process and a ‘Show Location’ button to open the output folder. The output format is now ready for distribution.

There are two alternate ways of accomplishing the above conversion. In both options mentioned below, the first step is different however the remaining steps are same as explained above.

  • In Word 2010 and higher, you can open the document to be converted and then click on Home ribbon, then click on Convert to and then select your desired output format.
  • In File Explorer, right click on the Word document to be converted. In the Context menu select Dolphin Converter and then from the sub-menu select the desired format.

For more information The User Manual can be launched by clicking the Help button in the Dolphin Converter window or by pressing F1. This article has been created with information available in the User Manual.

DAISY options

When you convert a document into a DAISY talking book, Dolphin Converter will provide you with the following options:

  • Type: The two options are – “Text-only DAISY” and “Add TTS audio to DAISY”
  • Voice: Use this option to choose a voice for your DAISY talking book. Dolphin Converter will list all of the SAPI 5 compatible voices available on your computer for you to choose from. When “Text-only DAISY” is chosen, this field is redundant.

Braille options

When you convert a document into Braille, Dolphin Converter provides you with the following options:

  • Braille Table: This option allows you to specify the Braille table used for the conversion. This includes specifying the language of the Braille table, and whether the Braille should be contracted (display shorter versions of words in Braille to allow for faster reading) or uncontracted (display each word of Braille in full).
  • Paper size: This option allows you to specify the paper size you will be using to emboss (print) the Braille conversion. Dolphin Converter will automatically adjust the number of Braille characters per line, and the number of Braille lines per page based on the paper size selected.
  • Embosser: This option allows you to automatically send your Braille conversion to an embosser (Braille printer) once the conversion has completed. To do this, make sure your Braille embosser is connected to the computer and switched on, then simply choose your embosser from the ‘Embosser’ drop down list. If you do not have a Braille embosser or do not want to emboss your Braille conversion, choose ‘Do not emboss’ from the drop down menu.
  • Embosser character set: This option allows you to choose which character set to use when embossing. Make sure the selected character set matches the one selected on your embosser.

Large Print options

When you convert a document into Large Print, Dolphin Converter will provide you with the following options:

  • Font name: Use this option to change the font used in the conversion. Dolphin Converter will apply the chosen font throughout the entire conversion. If you do not want to change the font from the original document, choose ‘Use document font’.
  • Font size: Use this option to specify the size of the large print font used. You can choose a font point size between 14 and 28.
  • Printer: Use this option to automatically send your large print conversion to a printer once the conversion has completed. To do this, make sure your printer is connected to your computer and switched on, then choose your printer from the ‘Printer’ drop down list. If you do not want to send your document to a printer, choose ‘Do not print’ from the drop down menu.
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