Installing ImageMagick

Pipeline 1—Installing ImageMagick

This guidance refers to both GUI and Command Line versions of DAISY Pipeline 1.

ImageMagick can be used to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats and a full description of the features of this free source can be found at the ImageMagick website.

On Windows 

Download and install the latest binary release available on the ImageMagick website. 

On Mac OS X 

The DAISY Pipeline disk image (.dmg) comes with a package installer that will install ImageMagick in /usr/local/binYou can also choose to install ImageMagick from unix port systems such as MacPorts or Fink 

On Linux 

You can install ImageMagick via the standard package system used by your Linux distribution (e.g. DEB or RPM). See your distribution documentation for more details. 

Configuring the ImageMagick Convert Path in DAISY Pipeline 1

  • For the Pipeline 1 GUI: go to Windows > Preferences > Paths and make sure that the convert path entry points to the ImageMagick convert executable (e.g. C:\Program File\ImageMagick\convert.exe) 
  • For the Pipeline 1 Command Line version or if you have embedded the Pipeline as a component in another system, do the following:  
  1. Locate the file by navigating to the Pipeline installation path (e.g. C:\Program Files\Daisy Pipeline\) and find within that directory. 
  2. Open in an XML or text editor, and make sure that the entry with the key pipeline.imageMagick.convert.path points to the convert.exe file.