Release Notes

Pipeline 1—Release Notes

Pipeline 1 Maintenance Release, 2011-12-15

Some of the Major Bugs that have been Fixed and Improvements Made

  • [DTBook Fixer] Fixed a bug occurring when using relative input file paths
  • [DTBook to HTML] Added support for the start attribute on list elements
  • [DTBook to LaTeX] The generated LaTeX is now based on the memoir class, with more features like crop marks, improved page styles, proper page numbering across volume boundaries
  • [DTBook to LaTeX] Improved the XSLT extensibility / customizability
  • [DTBook to LaTeX] Added support for volume splitting
  • [DTBook to LaTeX] Many layout and styling improvements
  • [DTBook to LaTeX] Many bug fixes
  • [DTBook to PEF] Improved the Swedish braille table
  • [DTBook to PEF] Updated to rely on the ‘dotify’ library
  • [PEF to Text] Improved error messages
  • [Braille Utils] Updated the brailleUtils library to version 1.1.0
  • [Narrator] Updated to the latest version used in the Save as DAISY Add-In for Microsoft Word version
  • [Narrator] Improved support for locale country codes
  • [Narrator] Added Windows SAPI5 language codes for ar-EG, en-GB and en-AU
  • New DTBook Volume Splitter transformer: takes a DTBook XML and inserts special div elements as split points, to be used by other scripts like DTBook to LaTex, contributed by Christian Egli (SBS)

Pipeline 1 Maintenance Release [RC], 2011-03-17

Some of the Major Bugs that have been Fixed and Improvements Made

  • [Narrator] Improved tolerance to rounding errors by augmenting the default end audio padding.
  • [Narrator] Improved wave file handling (now generates 5000 files max in each sub directory)
  • [Narrator] Improved parsing of Roman numerals found in special pages
  • [Narrator] Improved handling of acronyms: non-pronounceable acronyms are now spoken letter-by-letter)
  • [Narrator] Improved handling of abbreviations: the ‘title’ attribute is spoken when present
  • [Narrator] Improved the long-standing duplicate doctitle issue
  • The Pipeline no-longer systematically creates frontmatter
  • When frontmatter is present but has no doctitle a doctitle is added from the metadata value.
  • When frontmatter is present but has no docauthor, a docauthor is inserted with the value of the metadata.
  • Nothing is changed if no frontmatter is present
  • When the dc:Title metadata is not set (invalid), the value is set to the value of the first doctitle, or the first heading if no doctitle is found.
  • [DAISY 2.02 splitter] only perform the split if the input book is larger than the split size
  • [DAISY 2.02 to DAISY 3 forward migrator] Fixed several bugs
  • [DAISY 3 Validator] the file browser now asks for *.opf files
  • [DAISY 3 to 2.02 downgrader] Fixed a bug that could occur when some SMIL elements had no associated audio.
  • [DTBook to DAISY 3 Text-Only] Improved: now trims whitespace from NCX labels
  • [DTBook to DAISY 3 Text-Only] Improved support for mixed content (uses the int_daisy_mixedContentNormalizer)
  • [DTbook to LaTeX] Fixed handling special chars in title, author and date
  • [DTbook to LaTeX] Fixed a problem with noteref lookup
  • [DTbook to LaTeX] Improved the transformer:
  • Allows for custom specification of page dimensions
  • Allows specification of line spacing
  • [EPUB Creator] Added a new parameter forceXhtml to always create an XHTML-based EPUB even from a DTBook 2005-2 input
  • New DTBook to Translated Braille DTBook script, which provides a basic integration of Liblouis in the pipeline, contributed by Christian Egli and Bernhard Wagner (SBS)
  • Updated pef2text and text2pef transformers and related scripts (Emboss PEF, Text to PEF, PEF to Text, Braille Text To Text) to use the Braille Utils library. More information at: