BOINIT Launch Korean Word to DAISY Format Service

BOINIT Launch Korean Word to DAISY Format Service

Named BUCC, the Boin Universal Contents Converter is a web service for converting Microsoft Word documents to the DAISY format.
This service is specifically designed for Korean content, enabling the quick creation of DAISY files in a Korean work environment, handling Korean-named files and fully supporting the language.

Boin Universal Content Converter Dashboard displaying conversion statistics
In addition to full Korean language support the service also offers a dashboard with service status, community space, system notices, enables the conversion of single or multiple documents and delivers the converted content along with error lists.

The service is currently being used in five places, including the National Library for the Disabled and the Korean Welfare Association for the Blind, and is reportedly contributing to a reduction in production time by more than 30% compared to the previous workflows.

Further information is available on the Boinit website (in Korean).

BoinIT are a DAISY Consortium Inclusive Publishing Partner.