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Avneesh Singh Elected to W3C Advisory Board

Many congratulations to Avneesh Singh, Chief Operating Officer at the DAISY Consortium, who has been elected to the W3C Advisory Board alongside other esteemed candidates as reported in the W3C’s announcement. The W3C Advisory Board  “provides ongoing guidance on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution” within the W3C. DAISY is delighted that the board now have the benefit of Avneesh’s experience and expertise. Read More

Obi 4.5 alpha (first test version)

Obi 4.5 alpha (test release) presents the first set of features planned for Obi 4.5.

It makes Obi more user friendly and brings usability improvements like, enhancing Todo functionality by adding the ability to provide Todo comments for providing a hint to the editors and marking Todo at exact time position in a phrase for facilitating editing of longer phrases, option to view peak meter inside main Obi window to facilitate working with the full view of the content view, option to use single key shortcuts in TOC view for recording, along with other improvements.

To know about the complete list of new features and bug fixes, please visit Obi pages.

We will like to thank all the contributors & supporters for their valuable feedback and support. We are looking forward to your feedback and bug reports.

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Google Assistant Accessibility

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google have launched a new video series to demonstrate how the Google Assistant can benefit users with disabilities. Read the blog post, or view the YouTube playlist.

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New Benetech International Partnerships

Benetech has been working internationally for many years to make accessible publications available through partner organizations. In a new announcement to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Benetech have released details of further international and national partnerships, working under the Marrakesh Treaty.

As a Member of the DAISY Consortium, Benetech make the most of DAISY tools in the creation and conversion of titles in accessible formats, as well as working with publishers to assess EPUB accessibility.

Read the full Benetech press release.

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CSUN 2019 Files

CSUN Conference Logo

The DAISY Consortium is delighted to once again support the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference by creating accessible digital versions of the conference materials, and offering them for download in HTML, DAISY 2.02 and EPUB formats. Thanks to the CSUN Conference Team for making the information available in advance to facilitate conversion.

This page contains a complete lists of downloadable files, which are shown with their approximate size. Downloads start immediately after a link is selected.

Entire conference program and menus

HTML version .zip file (8MB)

EPUB text only version .zip file (2.2MB)

EPUB text and audio version .zip file (251MB)

Conference information in DAISY 2.02 format [.zip files]

General Information (6MB)
Pre-conference Sessions (6MB)

Advertisements (5MB)
Combined Sessions (57MB)
Wednesday Sessions (19MB)
Thursday Sessions (21MB)
Friday Sessions (16MB)
Speaker Index (14MB)
Exhibitor Directory (28MB)
Exhibitor Directory by Category (11MB)

Quick Guide By Date (18MB)
Quick Guide By Room (20MB)
Quick Guide By Topic (21MB)


Fresh Bites – In Room Dining (2.5MB)
nFuse (7MB)
Slice Pizzeria (0.5MB)
The Market (1MB)


Direct Access via Reading Solutions

The conference materials are also being made freely available through the following reading solutions:

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