WordToEPUB version 1.0.10

WordToEPUB version 1.0.10

The free DAISY WordToEPUB tool enables the creation of accessible EPUB files from Microsoft Word documents.

WordToEPUB version 1.0.10 was released in February 2023. This version includes support for definition lists and pull quotes; enhanced image support including conversion to the WebP format; the ability to specify image filenames for the HTML export; localization for Turkmen and updated translations for Finnish and Greek, and various bug fixes.

This update includes a tool to convert an EPUB ebook to a Word document. Some alt format organizations find it easier to edit in Word, performing such tasks as adding extended descriptions or extracting certain chapters, before using WordToEPUB to convert to EPUB, HTML, or using other tools to make braille or audio versions.

If you are already using WordToEPUB then you will be given the option to upgrade next time you run it.

Free online courses are available on the DAISY Learning site to help you get the most from this tool. Accessible Word Documents introduces how to make accessible Word documents, building accessibility into the foundation of your content.  Accessible EPUB with WordToEPUB help you get started, from installing the tool to creating your first EPUB file, as well as introducing some of the more advanced features of the tool.

You can read more about WordToEPUB and download the latest at https://daisy.org/wordtoepub