Flemish Library Serving Persons with Print Disabilities

Flemish Library Serving Persons with Print Disabilities (Luisterpuntbibliotheek)

Broekstraat 49-53
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: + 32 2 423 04 11
Website: http://www.luisterpuntbibliotheek.be

The Flemish Library serving persons with print disabilities (Luisterpuntbibliotheek) is a public library, which lends books in an adapted form to persons with print disabilities. It is a government-financed non-profit organization, working for Flanders and Brussels. Its goal lies in delivering DAISY and braille books to all persons who are not able to read conventionally printed books.

People with visual impairments, people with physical disabilities, people with dyslexia, ASD, aphasia and all those who are unable to read or have difficulties reading a printed book, can contact Luisterpunt. The complete collection of books can be consulted in our online catalogue. We upload a large part of our collection of Daisy books on ABC Global Book Service.

Becoming a member of the library and lending books is free of charge, as are the postal services and the use of the app.

Schools, homes for elderly people, hospitals, public libraries and other institutions can also get a DAISY collection. For the moment + 90% of all the Flemish public libraries in Flanders and Brussels has a DAISY collection and a DAISY player. These organizations can also add online readers within their accounts.