Sightsavers International

Sightsavers International

Grosvenor Hall, Bolnore Road
Haywards Heath , West Sussex RH16 4BX

Phone: + 44 1444 44 6600

Sightsavers is an organisation dedicated to shaping a world in which no one is needlessly blind and where everyone who is irreversibly blind or vision impaired enjoys the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as people who are sighted. Located in West Sussex, UK, Sightsavers is devoted to combating blindness in developing countries, primarily in the Commonwealth by working with partner organisations in impoverished and least served communities to support ongoing activities that prevent and cure blindness, restore sight and provide services to blind people. Sightsavers works alongside local organisations and governments to teach basic eye care skills and hygiene, fund eye screening camps, operations, treatments, education, surgical training, as well as supporting rehabilitation programs.

Sightsavers took Associate Membership with the intention of monitoring the work of the DAISY Developing Countries Working Group. Sightsavers’ concern is long-term; for instance when blind people in developing countries can not obtain traditional tape recorders and compact tapes that they rely on for their educational and work needs,

Sightsavers wish to ensure that there is affordable playback technology to replace cassette players. Sightsavers had imagined that it would not become operational with DAISY digital talking books for at least five to ten years but seeks to keep abreast of developments within the digital talking book field so that trends could be predicted and planning could commence early in order to embrace the technology in a timely and informed manner.