C. Van Malderenstraat 33
B-1731 Zellik , Brabant Belgium

Phone: +32 2 466 94 40


Tanskript’s aim is to give people with print impairments access to all the information they need. Access to information and to all forms of written material is the key to knowledge and to better integration in society. Main activities involve producing Braille, large print, digital text and digital audio versions of all printed materials: educational books, books for the special library, youth literature, brochures, periodicals etc.

Today Transkript employs forty-eight people and can count on some 180 voluntary readers.

Accessible formats

  • Braille
  • large print (MagnaPrint)
  • digital audio (DAISY)
  • digital text
  • enlarged graphics
  • tactile graphics

Transkript has eight recording studios in different locations (Leuven, Mechelen, Hasselt and Zellik). We record library books and periodicals from organisations and governments. Transkript also produces spoken periodicals which are compilations of articles from various Flemish magazines and newspapers. So there is a children’s magazine, a woman’s magazine, a sports magazine, a radio play periodical, etc.
To read library books, we look for volunteers with a good and clear voice without accents. We take a voice test first.
In 1997 we became an associated member of the DAISY Consortium, a worldwide and well-known consortium of organisations for the blind, which co-operate to provide a universal, standardised system. In 2005, we definitively switched to digital technology by making use of the DAISY software and tools.