Obi 5.0 test releases

Obi 5.0 beta 2 (released on December 12, 2023)

Obi 5.0 test releases upgrade Obi to .NET 6 framework for keeping it abreast with the new technologies. This task became a high priority for year 2023 because Microsoft has stopped supporting .NET 4.0 framework from 2022 onwards.

The beta 2 test release is mainly focused on refining the upgraded Obi further, resolving regression bugs and maintaining backward compatibility with .NET 4 versions. Additionally, the release comes with incremental enhancements to the To-Do functionality and Go To dialog.

Version 5.0 beta will work on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. Please use version 4.8 for Windows Vista.

Note: On starting Obi first time after installation, a keyboard shortcuts error will be shown for resetting keyboard shortcut settings. Please press OK button and continue.

We are looking forward to your feedback, comments and bug reports for this major upgrade. Please send your feedback via email:

Highlights of Obi 5.0 beta releases

Implemented import of preferences profiles created in .NET 4 based versions

The new Obi creates preferences files in a little different format than .NET 4 based Obi versions. Therefore, a module for importing old .NET 4 based preferences profiles has been implemented for ensuring seamless import of your existing profiles.

Enhanced to the To-Do functionality

The following enhancements have been implemented:

  • When To-Do mark is applied, the position in the waveform is highlighted. Consequently, the playback is also paused.
  • The Special phrase list dialog now also shows the time of the To-Do mark position.
  • To-Do comments are included in the CSV export.

Go To dialog now accepts time in HH:MM:SS format

Go to time features used to accept time in seconds and milliseconds. Now it also accepts time in HH:MM:SS format, for making it more user friendly.

Rest of the features are the same as Obi 4.8.


To download Obi 5.0 beta, please visit download page and scroll to the test releases table.

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