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Obi 4.7 , released on December 14, 2021


Obi 4.7 comes with simplified production workflows based on the CSV file as well as other enhancements. It can import new project from a CSV file, import metadata from CSV in an existing project, export To-Do timings as cue markers for making audio processing easy in external software, makes CSV created by exporting To-Do timings user-friendly, displays comments of the To-Do phrases in collect special phrases dialog, along with other improvements and bug fixes.

The new features and enhancements of Obi 4.7 release are briefed below. For feedback, comments and bug reports please contact us via email:

Please note that support for Windows XP is deprecated from Obi 4.0 onwards. The users of Windows XP are requested to install Obi 3.9.1.

Highlights of Obi 4.7 release

Create a project from a CSV file

Now you can import entire project from a CSV file by importing audio along with the structure. Obi now accepts full path of audio files in columns 4 through 8 of the CSV. You can choose to apply phrase detection on these audio files from check box Apply phrase detection while creating a project by importing a CSV file from Project tab of Preferences dialog. In addition, you can provide metadata in the file named “metadata.csv” and store it in the same location as the CSV. Metadata will also be imported during the import.

Import Metadata from a CSV file

Obi enables you to import the key-value pairs from a CSV file and populate them in the metadata of the existing project. The Edit menu contains a new item Import Metadata that enables this functionality.

Updated French and Portuguese language packs

Many thanks to the following contributors for the translations:

  • BrailleNet for French translation.
  • Vitor Ferreira for Portuguese translation.

Ability to export To-Do marks as cue markers in WAV file

You can now choose to export To-Do marks from your project to exported WAV files as cue markers. It makes it easy to process the audio in external audio processing tools like Adobe Audition, SoundForge etc. This option is available in DAISY 3 and DAISY 2.02export. The Export dialog has a new checkbox Write TODO timing as cue mark to enable this functionality. Please note that cue marks can be written only in WAV files.

Option to use semicolon instead of comma in the CSV file being imported

You can instruct Obi to use semicolon instead of comma in the CSV file during the operation Creating a project by importing a CSV file. Check the checkbox Use semicolon as separator instead of comma while creating a project by importing a CSV file in the Project tab of the Preferences dialog.

Import audio for “Page” while generating speech for pages

New Obi enables you to import human voice for page labels while generating speech for pages. It is especially useful when audio is being generated for the books in languages other than English. The page numbers, however, will be converted to speech using TTS.

Export of To-Do timings to CSV made more user-friendly

When you choose to write To-Do timings to a CSV file in the Export dialog, they are written in both decimal and user-friendly (hh:mm:ss) formats.

Display of To-Do comments when collecting To-Do phrases

The Collect Special Phrases dialog also displays To-Do comments when collecting To-Do phrases.

You can find help on the functionality of these features in the “What’s New?” page of Obi Help, which can be viewed by clicking on the Help contents menu item under Help menu of Obi.

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List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in this release:

  • While navigating to Next To-Do phrase, if user presses NO for the message box to show section containing To-Do phrase, then also the section containing next To-Do phrase was shown.
  • Import metadata from CSV useed to import the date even if it was in the wrong format.
  • Import metadata features now maps DAISY 2.02 metadata to DAISY 3 metadata, and prevents duplicate entries of the same metadata.
  • New menu item, Contents Latest (English) added in Help menu to ensure that up to date English version of help is available to the users of localized Obi. At this time, the menu item will only be displayed in French and German localization.

List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in 4.7 beta release:

  • The comments on the To-Do phrases can now be searched using find functionality.
  • When To-Do was marked during recording, the To-Do cursor position was marked at the beginning of the recording phrase, but it should be at the end of the recording phrase.
  • If a To-Do empty phrase had a comment, it was unintentionally removed by the recording operation.
  • Export to DAISY threw an exception if metadata dtb:revision was empty or it had non integer string.
  • Multiple sections operation menu item was disabled when selection was on a phrase.

List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in 4.7 alpha release:

  • On some computers Audio import could not import file names with accents.
  • The dialog box for adding comment to To-Do phrase was not visible in very long phrase.
  • After reset of Audio preferences, the installed TTS combo box showed the same TTS multiple times.

For complete list of fixed bugs please visit fixed issues page


To download Obi 4.7 please visit download page.

Known limitation

There are some limitations in this release. The team is working consciously towards resolving them. Please visit the known limitations page to know more about them.


If you would like to discuss some Obi feature or report a bug, you can send an email to or file issue on Obi issue tracker. To verify if the bug has already been submitted, please see the list of reported bugs.