DODP – The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol

The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol

The DAISY Online Delivery protocol is a web service Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates the delivery of digital content from service providers to end users.

Version 2 of the protocol introduces:

  • Improvements in communication to support low bandwidth connections (e.g. mobile cellular data)
  • Remote reading system configuration
  • Support for packaged and partially packaged content (including EPUB 3)
  • Clarification and optimization of functions for greater consistency
  • Many more enhancements

A more detailed list of the new features can be found on the development Wiki:

The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol Version 2 was approved by the Board in June 2015, and the current version of the specification Version 2.0.2 was published in November 2015. A supporting Guidance document has also been published to assist people implementing the specification.


The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol Version 1 reached Recommendation Status by the DAISY Consortium in 2010. It was developed by the DAISY Online Working Group operating under the DAISY Online Delivery Project Charter.

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