DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3 Conversion Guide

DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3 Conversion Guide

The DAISY Pipeline App is a multi-format converter, and it includes a script which transforms a DAISY 2.02 publication into the newer EPUB 3 publication.

If you have a book in DAISY 2.02 format, whether text-only or with audio, follow the steps given below to convert it to EPUB 3.

  1. Start the Pipeline App and wait for the Pipeline engine to start (this could take 15-30 seconds).
  2. In “Select a script” choose “DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3″

    DAISY Pipeline app screenshot with the DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3 script selected

  3. Select the browse button and select the “ncc.html” file inside the DAISY book folder.
  4. Under Options check the “Include Media Overlays” checkbox if you want to retain the audio files inside the DAISY book
  5. In “EPUB file name” you can provide a name for the resulting EPUB 3 output
  6. Run the job by clicking the “Run” button
  7. The job status will be displayed at the top of the window. It could read “Running” and later “Completed” or “Error”. The progress messages are displayed under “Messages” heading.
  8. Click the “Results folder” link to view the output.
  9. The output will be a file with the .epub extension. You can open it in any EPUB reading app or device.
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