Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021: Overview and Event Report

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021: Overview and Event Report

#GAAD iconGlobal Accessibility Awareness Day 2021  (#GAAD) took place on May 20 this year and received huge attention across industries and, we are thrilled to note, the publishing industry and affiliated organisations celebrated this event more than ever. We are still hearing about wonderful events that took place towards the end of May and we’ve highlighted a few of them in this report.

GAAD Awareness Building

GAAD Articles & Events with an Education Focus

Many organizations took the opportunity to focus on elearning as part of their GAAD celebrations; something which has become increasingly important for many of us over the last year. Here are a few that we have selected:

GAAD Articles for Technical Audiences

Case Studies and Experience Posts

Inclusive Design Awareness

There were a number of events and articles aimed at increasing awareness about inclusive design and the impact that this can have on the reader:

These are just a few of the fantastic events that took place throughout the day and we hope to be able to build on our resources and advice for next year. There was a huge effort worldwide from many digital organizations and we’d welcome feedback on news and information from other sources that may be of interest to our readers.