Training: Confidently Create Accessible Documents

photo of someone using a laptop to access training

Training: Confidently Create Accessible Documents

Instructor led online training for creating accessible documents by the DAISY Consortium

photo of someone using a laptop to access training

Duration: 3 weeks | Language: English  

This is a instructor-led online training course on creation of accessible Microsoft Word documents. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to create accessible Microsoft Word documents and to convert them to EPUB and PDF formats adhering to accessibility guidelines.

Training fees:

  • USD 100 per person
  • USD 75 (discounted rate for DAISY member)
  • USD 50 (discounted rate for low- or middle-income country)
  • USD 0 (apply for a sponsored course place)

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What you will learn

  • Understand how people with disabilities use digital documents
  • Identify the digital barriers due to which persons with disabilities are not able to access certain content
  • Understand the guidelines for creating accessible documents
  • Learn to create structured Word documents making use of various in-built styles
  • Know more about image description
  • Learn to use the Microsoft Accessibility Checker to test documents for accessibility
  • Learn to create highly accessible Microsoft Word and PDF documents
  • Know more about conversion to other accessible formats like EPUB

What you get

  1. Five online sessions with an expert trainer
  2. A comprehensive package of standards documents, guidelines, step-by-step tutorials, sample files, best practice examples and Checklists will be provided as take-away material.
  3. Certificate from DAISY Consortium after successfully completing the course

This course will improve the quality of the documents you create. They will be technically solid, easy to use for everyone and more accessible to persons with disabilities.

You will be able to comply with the regulations and avoid any complains or litigation from uses or authorities regarding denial of access on your part.

You will gain a new skill of making accessible documents. This skill is going to be in high demand and this course may help in your career progress.

Who should join?

The DAISY Consortium global vision is for equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability. In particular the following audiences will be especially relevant for this training:

  • People working in NGOs, disability activists and accessibility professionals
  • Organizations in low- and middle-income countries that are embracing digital inclusion
  • International Development organizations, including UN bodies
  • DAISY member organizations offering development opportunities for their staff and volunteers

All are welcome, and the course is suitable for anyone who creates and shares documents with others and wishes to ensure the content is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Prerequisites to join the course

Ensure that you have the following in place before registering for this training.

  • A desktop or laptop computer with Windows 11 or 10 Operating System
  • Microsoft Word version 2010 or higher
  • Internet connectivity suitable for attending online meetings

You will need to set aside 1 to 2 hours daily for self learning, assignments and online meetings

Training Session Dates

Training sessions are conducted over Zoom and the preliminary dates are times are as follows:

August 5 Training Group

Interactive online sessions will be at 15 UTC.

August 26 Training Group

Interactive online sessions will be at 8 UTC.

How to register

To register for this course complete the online registration form.

In the form choose your preferred course start date and the fees applicable for you. You will receive an email with invoice and link to pay the fees online.

If you apply for seat in a sponsored batch, you will be notified when such batches start.