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DAISY is an international non-profit membership organization working with over 150 partners all around the world to improve access to reading for people with print disabilities

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DAISY has been leading standards and good practice in accessible digital publications for over 20 years - drawing on the expertise of our members with collective experience of over 1,500 years!

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Our Story

The DAISY Consortium has a rich history which started with audio and now positively impacts specialist and mainstream reading around the world.

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Shaping the Technology of Tomorrow

At DAISY we work closely with technology companies and standards agencies to ensure that the reading and publishing technology of tomorrow provide an accessible future for all.


You've found the DAISY Consortium website, the home of tools, standards, advice and best practices for publishing and reading to ensure accessibility for people with print disabilities in both specialist and mainstream formats.

We have lots to share, so do please explore, but the News, and Latest Updates and Quick Links below are a great place to start.

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The Impact of Low Cost Assistive Technology

As we approach the conclusion of our Low-Cost Assistive Technology Project we have been able to reflect on the impact of our work and share lessons with the wider community.…

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MathML what has changed and why it matters?

In January the Chrome web browser was upgraded to support MathML, a specification for describing mathematical notation. Microsoft’s Edge browser is also built using the same Chrome technology, so it…

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CSUN Conference 2023 Files

The DAISY Consortium is delighted to once again support the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference by creating accessible digital versions of the conference materials, and offering them for download in HTML, DAISY 2.02 and EPUB…

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WordToEPUB version 1.0.10

February 26, 2023
The free DAISY WordToEPUB tool enables the creation of accessible EPUB files from Microsoft Word documents. WordToEPUB version 1.0.10 was…

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Google Update is a Potential Threat to Reading Solutions

December 21, 2022
Several DAISY Members and Friends are leveraging smart speaker technologies to provide simplified access to their libraries of audio and…

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Remembering Scott LaBarre

December 13, 2022
We are sorry to share the passing of Scott LaBarre, DAISY board member representing the National Federation of the Blind,…

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London Book Fair 2023

April 18, 2023 - April 20, 2023


Round Table Conference 2023

May 6, 2023 - May 9, 2023

Sydney, Australia


Date: May 9, 2023

Washington DC, USA

Inclusive Africa Conference 2023

May 29, 2023 - May 31, 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

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What People Say...

All readers, including those without print disabilities have benefited significantly from the incredible and sustained contributions that the DAISY Consortium has and continues to make to mainstream publishing standards.

The DAISY Format has changed the lives of people around the world, enabling access to education and providing a lifeline for leisure readers who would otherwise struggle to access publications.