The DAISY Consortium has developed Ace SMART, an online accessibility reporting system. SMART stands for Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool.

SMART can integrate with Ace by DAISY. This tool provides manual conformance checks necessary to ensure conformance with EPUB and WCAG requirements. Together they provide the most complete method for accessibility conformance testing of EPUB publications.

To use SMART, first you run your EPUB through Ace, which rapidly completes an automated check, and gathers information about the characteristics of the title. Ace generates a report in the JSON format, which is then loaded by the user into the SMART tool. SMART fills out information in the evaluation and cleverly configures the manual testing protocol based on the results from Ace.

From this point on:

  • SMART guides you through the manual checking process
  • Checkpoints are tailored based on the properties of your publication
  • SMART generates a consistent and clear report

SMART is designed to be versatile. It integrates with the DAISY’s Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base to provide authoritative accessibility information for authors, publishers, and supply-chain vendors. It can be integrated into many different workflows in a variety of quality assurance checkpoints.

Companies who should use it are:

  • supply chain vendors
  • publishers
  • anybody responsible for distribution of EPUB
  • anybody who wants to systematically check an EPUB for accessibility conformance

SMART is freely available, simply visit: