Ace by DAISY

Ace by DAISY


Ace by DAISY is a free, open source tool designed to check the accessibility of EPUB files at any point in a publishing workflow. It has been developed to assist in the evaluation of conformance to the EPUB Accessibility Specification.

Who is this for?

Ace by DAISY is for anyone who is using EPUB to create accessible content for publication. It can be used at any point in a book production workflow and is therefore suitable for use by the many and varied departments and third party vendors involved in the publishing industry. Ace by DAISY can also be used by self publishing authors and anyone else wanted to test the accessibility of an EPUB file which does not have digital rights management


Release Status

The command line tool for Ace by DAISY was first released in January 2018  the Ace App graphical user interface version was released in the summer of 2019. Both versions regularly receive updates.

Development site

For technical detail on the ongoing development work for Ace by DAISY, visit the github site.


Ace by DAISY:

  • can be used at any point in a content creation workflow either in-house or by 3rd party vendors
  • currently operates as a command line tool or integrated as a Javascript node module, or driven by an HTTP API
  • runs automated accessibility tests on EPUB content documents
  • generates an HTML report with a focus on violation, metadata, document outlines and images

Ace by DAISY Command Line Tool Download

Ace by DAISY Desktop GUI Download