DAISY Format 3

The current DAISY Standard (DAISY 3) is officially the ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005 (R2012) Specifications for the Digital Talking Book.

The DAISY Consortium is recognized by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) as the official maintenance agency for the DAISY/NISO Standard, officially, the ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005 (R2012) Specifications for the Digital Talking Book.

Official maintenance and support information related to the DAISY/NISO Standard:

Questions concerning the DAISY/NISO Standard should be sent to the DAISY Consortium team using the Contact Us form.

Modular Extensions

A part of the Z39.86 Standard is DTBook, an XML vocabulary that provides a core set of elements that are needed to produce most types of books. However, DTBook is not intended to be an exhaustive vocabulary for all types of books, but is designed to be extended. Guidelines for Modular Extensions to Z39.86 are designed to support modular extensions that are interoperable.


Structure Guidelines

The Structure Guidelines document provides information on the correct application of the XML element set DTBook, a key segment of the DAISY/NISO Standard.

When a DAISY/NISO DTB (henceforth referred to as a DAISY DTB) includes a textual content file containing part or all of the contents of a publication, DTBook elements will be used to mark up that file. The resulting file must be valid to the XML Document Type Definition, the DTBook DTD, as specified in the DAISY/NISO Specification.

Updates to the Structure Guidelines were open for official review from November 28, 2007 through February 15, 2008. Revisions were compiled and posted as the DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines.

Download the DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines zip (47 MB)