Liblouis Braille Translation Table Feedback

Embossed braille page being read

Liblouis Braille Translation Table Feedback

Embossed braille page being read Liblouis is a free and open-source braille translation system that powers screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS to work with refreshable braille display in various languages, as well as a variety of conversion tools including the DAISY Pipeline. To facilitate accurate translation Liblouis has dedicated braille tables for each language that it supports.

If a language is supported by Liblouis, then it is possible to read create a braille version of a document in that language for use on a refreshable braille display such as an Orbit Reader, or embossed on braille paper.

Liblouis currently supports 79 languages, and many of those languages have braille tables for grade 1 and grade 2 (uncontracted and contracted) braille. You can find the list below.

Considering the importance of Liblouis in supporting braille usage on refreshable braille displays and for the production of braille books, the DAISY Consortium is seeking assistance in compiling a list of languages that are not yet supported in Liblouis and in which accessible books are currently published. We are also seeking feedback on languages that are currently supported, but in which the braille translation may not be correct.

Once we have identified these gaps we will be able to plan for filling them by adding braille tables of identified languages. If you are aware of any language in which accessible books are published and braille translation tables are not available or currently adequate please let us know:

Visit the Liblouis feedback form

List of languages for which braille translation tables are available in Liblouis:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Arabic
  3. Armenian
  4. Assamese
  5. Bashkir
  6. Belarusian
  7. Bengali
  8. Bulgarian
  9. Burmese
  10. Catalan
  11. Chinese Mandarin
  12. Chinese Cantonese
  13. Coptic
  14. Croatian
  15. Czech
  16. Danish
  17. Dutch
  18. English
  19. Esperanto
  20. Estonian
  21. Ethiopic
  22. Finish
  23. French
  24. Gaelic
  25. German
  26. Greek
  27. Gujarati
  28. Hebrew
  29. Hindi
  30. Hungarian
  31. Icelandic
  32. Irish
  33. Israeli
  34. Italian
  35. Kannada
  36. Kashmiri
  37. Kazak
  38. Khmer
  39. Korean
  40. Kurdish
  41. Latvian
  42. Lithuanian
  43. Malay
  44. Malayalam
  45. Manipuri
  46. Marathi
  47. Mongolian
  48. Nepali
  49. Norwegian
  50. Oriya
  51. Persian
  52. Polish
  53. Portuguese
  54. Punjabi
  55. Romanian
  56. Russian
  57. Sanskrit
  58. Sepedi
  59. Serbian
  60. Sesotho
  61. Setswana
  62. Slovak
  63. Slovenian
  64. Spanish
  65. Swedish
  66. Tamil
  67. Tatar
  68. Telugu
  69. Tshivenda
  70. Turkish
  71. Ukrainian
  72. Unified English Braille
  73. Urdu
  74. Uzbek
  75. Vietnamese
  76. Welsh
  77. Xhosa
  78. Yakut
  79. Zulu