Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


People have equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability; a right confirmed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


To develop global solutions for accessible publishing and reading, in partnership with civil society, publishing and technology industries, standards bodies and governments.

Key Activities

To achieve our mission, vision and goals we will:

  1. Help creators, distributors & service providers of access-enhanced publications be more effective
  2. Help DAISY Consortium member organizations to work together to deliver inclusion
  3. Help authors and mainstream publishers build inclusion into their publishing processes
  4. Help publishing, reading technology and content authoring tool industries to enable a great reading experience for people reading with their eyes, ears or fingers
  5. Influence legal, copyright and standards bodies to make an efficient global marketplace that includes developing countries
  6. Help governments, civil society and disabled peoples’ organizations to achieve their inclusion aims
  7. Help people with disabilities benefit from the improvements

The DAISY Consortium will support accessible publishing and reading services, engaging collaboratively across the publishing industry’s value chain to achieve accessible structured digital publications. We will work on standards, technologies, laws and collective solutions through the publishing, distribution and technology industries, and with people with disabilities. Together we will achieve our vision of people having equal access to information and knowledge, regardless of disabilities.