EPUB in Higher Education

EPUB in Higher Education

This working group is made up of various contributors including:

  • Colleagues working in Disabled Student Service Offices (DSO)
  • Publishers in the Higher Ed market
  • Developers of Reading Systems
  • Librarians in Higher Ed
  • Service providers of alternative materials
  • Advocates for persons with disabilities
  • Persons with disabilities

What we do:

Informed by practitioners working in Higher Education, the working group identifies barriers to reading and learning with EPUB publications. We work collaboratively to find practical solutions through this unique forum that brings together end-users, educators, accessibility experts, service providers, and publishers. Our shared goal is for EPUB 3 to realize its potential to be the best reading experience for everybody, including persons with various reading disabilities.

A key role for the group is to communicate the advantages of the huge progress made in recent years, but also be transparent about any deficiencies we find.

How we work:

We typically meet on Zoom for one hour every other week. We ask questions, develop ideas and post resources on our Slack workspace. We also have a mailing list and deliver conference sessions, workshops, and webinars.

Can I lurk?:

We have active participants, some who mostly listen in, and there are many people who join from time-to-time depending on the circulated agenda.

How to join: you can simply email George Kerscher—kerscher@montana.com