Music Braille

Music Braille


Our goal is to ensure that more music braille scores are available more easily to more blind musicians world-wide.

This project is a cross-sector collaboration to identify, prioritise, and deliver both short-term and long-term technical improvements to secure the future of music braille production.


photo of sheet music
Libraries for the blind and other agencies wish to secure the future of hard-copy music braille production for blind musicians who rely on it for study, pleasure or professional purposes, but these organisations face increasing limitations regarding budget and expertise.

This project does not deny the benefits of digital music technologies for blind musicians, and indeed some of our work will inform those developments, but paper music braille will be vital for many musicians for years to come, and we wish to protect this service in a cost-effective way.

In October 2017 the Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB) asked for interested parties to join a collaboration to find a solution/solutions; as we recognise that together we can achieve more than we can individually. Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

Key people

The project is led by Arne Kyrkjebø from NLB in Norway, with Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins as Project Manager and Consultant from the UK. Mr Haipeng Hu from China is assisting as a Technical Consultant.

Our Focus

Through our work so far we have identified four areas requiring improvement for us to be able to increase the amount of music braille produced:

  1. input files need to be as good as they can be at the start
  2. conversion and mark-up tools need to be accurate & reliable, for agencies and end-users
  3. good access is needed to existing intermediary files
  4. good teaching, learning and promotional materials are needed.

The project focus is on the first three areas in the first instance, but we will be happy to know if other groups are working on teaching, learning and promotional materials right now.

Join us

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to join the circulation list and/or be an active participant in this project – please email us: musicbraille [at] daisy [dot] org

Latest News

All our progress updates, announcements and consultations are available on our latest developments page.