EPUBTest – Reading System Testing



A reading system, which could be an app or hardware device, is needed to read EPUB titles. Both titles and readers can vary in their features and functionality. When it comes to persons with disabilities, which apps will enable them to excel at their studies, or provide a great reading experience when enjoying the latest novel? epubtest.org aims to deliver accessibility evaluations of ereading experiences which aim to answer these questions—finding out how an ereader performs with different features found in ebooks.

The summary and detailed test results are published online. This helps developers to improve their products, and consumers and institutional purchasers to select the solutions that meet their needs.


The data is continually collected from a large group of expert testers from all over the globe who volunteer their time, and testing is coordinated by the DAISY Consortium and is open to participation. If you’d like to get involved, we welcome you to contact us. Once you have received an invitation, you just need to follow the emailed instructions to set up your account.


Detailed results are available at epubtest.org or you can read a round up / overview at Inclusive Publishing, our news and information hub.