Production Systems Meeting

Production Systems Meeting

Transition to EPUB 3 Production Systems Meeting, Oslo

The DAISY Consortium TIES working group and the Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille held a half-day Production Systems meeting on June 18, 2014 in Oslo, Norway.  The aim of the meeting was to facilitate DAISY Consortium members in overcoming migration challenges to EPUB 3 production systems.

Objectives of the Transition to EPUB 3 Production Systems meeting

  • To discuss the challenges being faced by DAISY Consortium members in migrating to EPUB 3 and to explore possible solutions
  • To establish the collaboration of DAISY production experts with EDUPUB working group members for incorporating DAISY production requirements within the EDUPUB profile

Meeting Notes and Presentations

The notes of the meeting and the presentations are available for download. Please click on the links below for downloading the files.


  • Introduction
  • Recap of the milestones achieved by the TIES production group.
  • NORDIC guidelines presentation by Tam Johnson—MTM.
  • EDUPUB presentation by Markus Gylling—DAISY Consortium and IDPF.
  • Discussion for identifying the missing pieces in the EDUPUB profile.
  • Discussion on integrating the efforts of DAISY members with EDUPUB in order to lead us to inclusive publishing system.
  • Open house session.