Tobi is a free, open source, multimedia book production authoring tool for creating human narrated talking books synchronized with text and images conforming to the DAISY 3 and EPUB 3 standards—fully accessible, navigable, and feature-rich.

Who is this For?

Any commercial,not-for profit organization or individual can use Tobi’s source code to make specialized or tailored solutions. Tobi is a book production authoring tool available for anyone creating talking books.


Release Status

Tobi was released in December 2018 introducing a number of bug fixes and key improvements.  Details of this release can be found on the Tobi Release notes page.

Development Site

The Tobi development site is available for everyone to access.


Tobi is based on plug-in architecture, thereby making its customization fairly simple. In particular Tobi:

  • is designed to ease the process of synchronizing a text document with human narration, including page numbers, hierarchical table of contents, images, footnotes, etc.
  • provides a live recording workflow that is fully-integrated with structured text (i.e. document markup). Tobi can also import external audio clips in MP3, MP4, M4A and WAV formats.
  • has a zoomable and multilevel waveform editor which supports selection, delete, insert, cut/copy/paste, playback, punch-in punch-out recording, etc.
  • offers a basic text editing feature (handy to fix typos). Although basic structure editing is included, it is recommended to author text documents as part of a proven XML workflow, and use Tobi for multimedia synchronization only.
  • provides an editor for rich image descriptions.

Download Tobi