Using WordToEPUB you can convert documents from your word processor to EPUB, the modern and popular standard for ebooks. EPUB is a wonderful format for reading publications on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and it includes features such as rich navigation and great accessibility. The EPUB files created with this tool can be used in a wide variety of reading apps on any platform, with the ability to personalize visual features such as colors, font, text size, and layout. Many reading apps have other useful features such as read aloud, the ability to add comments and bookmarks, and support for electronic braille.

You can make rich EPUB publications from documents created in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice Writer, and Apple Pages. The richest experience is with Microsoft Word, where the built-in Accessibility Checker can be used to help you create the best version of your document. Then with the WordToEPUB button on the ribbon, you can make an EPUB in two clicks.

Who is this for?

WordToEPUB is for anyone who would like to create an EPUB file from documents created in a word processor.

Are you:

  • a Lecturer or professor with students who want to read their materials in digital form? There are millions of digital textbooks and journal articles in EPUB format. Now you can provide your documents to students in a format designed for reading on the devices your students use (whether computer, tablet, or smartphone), with an experience that can be personalized by everyone to meet their diverse needs.
  • an Author or report writer creating your own work? Now you can use the same publishing format as adopted by the publishing industry worldwide. You can check how your work will appear as you make an eBook for distribution from your own blog or upload it to multiple retail platforms with confidence.
  • making accessible books for people with print disabilities? With WordToEPUB your volunteers and staff can use familiar skills to edit materials in their favorite word processor and then use the advanced features of WordToEPUB to generate valid and accessible digital books that can be read with a wide variety of apps and devices, including audio players and braille displays.


The tool is used by university alt format departments, specialist library services, self-publishing authors, voluntary and governmental organizations around the world. Their feedback has been highly valuable and continues to improve the tool.

WordToEPUB is free to download and use. The app works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Whilst no dedicated support is offered, we do provide guidance documentation online, and in the app’s help dialogue.

WordToEPUB version 1.0.9 was released in May 2022. This version adds support for rotated images, localized strings within the converted publications, localization for the Greek language,  and improved workflow when converting to the Kindle format.


WordToEPUB can be used in ‘Simple’ mode, to quickly make an EPUB version of a document. The tool is also used by resource centers in their workflows and the ‘Advanced’ mode offers plenty of control over the styling, language, metadata, cover image, and more.

  • from a button on the Word ribbon, create an EPUB in a couple of clicks
  • from Windows Explorer, right-click or shift-F10 on a docx file to convert it to an EPUB
  • batch convert multiple documents to EPUB

WordToEPUB will create EPUB from Google Docs exported as docx files, and will also integrate into the toolbar of LibreOffice Writer. It can also be used to create HTML and Kindle versions of your document.
WordToEPUB is simple to use, yet powerful. Review the integrated help documents to learn about integration with EPUBCheck, Ace, and Thorium Reader, using the cover designer and creating EPUBs with advanced features such as: mixed language, asides, landmarks, extended descriptions, MathML, embedded media, custom CSS classes, and more.

Can you help?

We welcome bug reports and feature suggestions via email to: wordtoepub at daisy dot org

WordToEPUB can create EPUBs in most languages. The interface is currently available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. If you would like to help with translating the tool into more languages, then please get in touch.

WordToEPUB version 1.0.9 download (May 2022)

Previous versions: