Popular word processors including Google Docs, Apple Pages and Libre Office can all produce EPUB, but currently Microsoft Word does not have this important feature. This is especially disappointing, since Word itself is highly accessible and has a great accessibility checker.

The WordToEPUB tool is a proof of concept to show how Word can be leveraged to produce highly accessible EPUBs. It provides a simple but powerful method to create EPUB files from your Microsoft Word documents. The EPUB files created with this tool can be used in reading apps on any platform, with great screen reader compatibility, and the ability to personalize visual features such as colors, font, text size and layout.

Who is this for?

WordToEPUB is for anyone using Microsoft Word on Windows. It can be used in ‘Simple’ mode, to quickly make an EPUB version of a Word document. There are also advanced features can that enable you to change the cover image, language, page/text direction, metadata and more.


Release Status

WordToEPUB is a volunteer project under the auspices of the DAISY Consortium. It demonstrates the potential of using Word to easily generate the most accessible publishing format ever. It is not claimed to be a fully completed solution, but several production centers are now using this tool to produce valid and accessible EPUB.

WordToEPUB is free to download and use. Whilst no support is offered, we welcome bug reports and feature suggestions via email to: wordtoepub at daisy dot org

If you are seeking a commercial solution, note that Dolphin’s EasyConverter Express product can produce several accessible formats from Word, including EPUB.


  • from a button on the Word ribbon, create an EPUB in a couple of clicks
  • from Windows explorer, right click on a Word file to convert it to an EPUB
  • batch convert multiple Word documents to EPUB
  • use advanced features to customize cover image, metadata, CSS and more

Can you help?

We would love to hear from your if you can work with us to secure some funding to engage developers to make this tool better, or you would like to help with translating the tool into different languages, then please get in touch.

If you are a developer, you can take the ideas in the proof of concept and make a better tool.

WordToEPUB by DAISY download