Save As DAISY—MS Word Add-In

Save As DAISY—MS Word Add-In

Introduction / Purpose

The SaveAsDAISY is a free add-in for Microsoft Word. It is an easy to use MS Word based production tool for creating accessible documents in popular accessible publishing formats.
The tool was originally developed by Microsoft, and its development has been revived by DAISY Consortium due to heavy demand. It is based on the powerful conversion engine of DAISY Pipeline, which is extensively used by DAISY members for producing accessible publications in DAISY multimedia, EPUB 3, braille and large print.

Project Vision

Provide an open source, free and easy to use MS Word based production tool, which enables everyone to create accessible publications in the accessible publishing format of their choice.
Keep the community abreast with the latest developments in the accessible publishing, by continuously upgrading the tool to the evolving accessible publishing formats.


The latest test version 2.6.1 beta was released on January 27, 2021. It can be installed on the latest versions of MS Word: Office 365 and version 16, and continues to support the older office versions (2003 to V13).
It can convert a structured Word document to a multimedia DAISY book having text, images and recording of the content in text-to-speech voices. This format also known as Full DAISY provides a rich reading experience to people with various disabilities.
The DAISY XML file created by the Save As DAISY add-in can be further used as a master copy in various production tools for creating publications in different accessible publishing formats.


The current test release revives the project, greatly improves the installation and makes it functional on the latest versions of MS word. The primary output is still DAISY 3, DAISY XML and DAISY 2.02.
In parallel the team has been working on upgrading the underlying conversion engine from DAISY Pipeline 1 to DAISY Pipeline 2 for addressing the feature requests of the users, and adding the support for EPUB 3 text only as well as Media Overlays publications. Therefore we will be providing series of incremental releases with new features in 2021. Please keep a watch on this page for updates.

Download and Installation

Before you install the add-in, please close all Office applications and uninstall previous versions of the add-in.
Download the latest version. To know about the improvements and new features, please visit the change log.
When you install the add-in, the “Save-as-DAISY Word Addin” folder is added to your Start menu with the Instruction Manual as well as a Getting Started tutorial.

Disclaimer: DAISY Translator makes use of LAME MP3 encoding technology. LAME provides the following notice on its site: “Using the LAME encoding engine (or other mp3 encoding technology) in your software may require a patent license in some countries.” We recommend you check out the information on the LAME MP3 Encoder SourceForge site.

Feedback channels and development repository

We are looking forward to the feedback for the test releases. Please contact us via the email: or the GitHub issue tracker.
If you are interested in the development, please visit the GitHub repository.