The DAISY Pipeline is an open-source, cross-platform framework for the automated processing of digital content in and between various file formats. It facilitates the production and maintenance of accessible content for people with print disabilities. It can be used by anyone creating and upgrading digital content for print-disabled readers.


  • Accessibility—There are Pipeline transformations for migrating from one accessible format to another, enriching an input format with certain accessible features, and producing formats targeting specific disability reading systems.
  • Standards—The file formats that the Pipeline primarily focuses on are EPUB 3DAISY, and PEF.
  • Cross-platform—The application can be run on common operating systems.
  • Modular—Pipeline is designed with a modular architecture, the key to better scalability and extensibility.
  • Collaborative—The project is led and maintained by the DAISY Consortium and involves several member organizations. This reduces the duplication of effort and ensures maximum sharing of best practices among the user community.

Open-source—Pipeline is distributed under a business-friendly license (LGPL), to stimulate collaboration between organizations and to maximize reuse and integration in other contexts, including commercial software.

Pipeline App

The Pipeline App brings the power of the DAISY Pipeline to your desktop! It is designed to be easy to install and easy to use. If you are new to Pipeline, this is a great place to start.

Pipeline 2

The Pipeline 2 tool builds on the previous versions, taking into account the latest standards and technologies. It can be used as a web application, as a service, or from the command line. The Pipeline app is powered by Pipeline 2.

Pipeline 1

The original Pipeline version remains an important technology for some DAISY members. It is a versatile tool that is still available in multiple versions. Pipeline 1 is an archived project as it is not in active development.