Obi 4.8 test releases

Obi 4.8 beta (released on July 5, 2022)

Obi 4.8 beta, the first test release, introduces new sampling rate for enhanced audio quality, commands for trimming trailing silence from sections for making production more efficient, option to customize the override behaviour for the Preview before Recording command along with other improvements and bug fixes.

The new features and enhancements of Obi 4.8 beta are briefed below. We are looking forward to your feedback, comments and bug reports for the test release. You can contact us via email:

Highlights of Obi 4.8 beta release

New sampling rates introduced for enhanced audio quality

This release comes with the ability to choose the sample rates 48000 Hz and 96000 Hz for your project in addition to the existing sample rates. These higher sample rates ensure better audio quality but take more disk space. You can select these sample rates from the Audio Settings dialog while creating a new project.

Trim trailing silence more efficiently

If there is silence at the end of a section, readers will experience a lag while listening to the contents of the book. You can trim this trailing silence more efficiently from the end of sections using new commands provided in the submenu of Trim silence from section end under Sections menu or the context menu. You can apply these commands on single section, multiple sections, or entire project. The commands are also available in Multi-section Operations dialog.

Option to customize override behaviour for Preview before recording command

You can instruct the Preview before recording command to override audio of current phrase or audio of all subsequent phrases of the section. The Audio tab of the Preferences dialog has a new checkbox Delete following phrases while doing preview before recording that lets you disable deletion of the phrases following the phrase being recorded.

You can find help on the functionality of these features in the “What’s New?” page of Obi Help, which can be viewed by clicking on the Contents menu item under Help menu of Obi.

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List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in this release:

  • The reading order of audio files in MP3 players was distorted if the count of the sections exported by Obi exceeded 1,000.
  • When a phrase was selected in the Content View, and Escape key was pressed to move the selection to the section, it made the tab order of the phrases unpredictable.
  • The alignment of the user interface has been fixed for different localizations.
  • Provided warning message that gets displayed when user tries to import an audio file from the project directory of the current project.

For complete list of fixed bugs please visit fixed issues page


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