Download and Installation

Tobi—Download and Installation


The current version of Tobi is v2.6.3.0

Recommended: Tobi NET4 MSI installer download (18 MB), or the Tobi NET4 offline redistributable ZIP (18 MB) of application files.

Alternative: Tobi NET3 MSI installer download (18 MB), or the Tobi NET3 offline redistributable ZIP (18 MB) of application files.



Note: these packages are usually already installed on Windows 7 and above. Manual one-off installation may be needed when using the ZIP distribution or the MSI installer, especially on Windows Vista and XP.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 is the minimum requirement. Windows 10 or Windows 7 is recommended for best performance. Tobi natively supports 32 and 64 bits runtimes.
  • Minimal hardware specification: 1.8GHz single core / 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 1024×768 display, dedicated graphics card.

Optional Extras

  • Java runtime, v7, is needed for EPUBCheck and ZedVal validators (v8 is not compatible with ZedVal), v7 for the DAISY Pipeline2 v1.7, v8 for the latest DAISY Pipeline2 version).
    Note: Java must be configured in Windows’ PATH environment variable, which is automatically set when installing the Oracle JDK (conversely, the JRE requires manually setting the PATH, and a reboot). Open the Windows command prompt and type java -version and click return/enter to see if Java is configured correctly on your machine.

  • DAISY Pipeline 2:
    Tobi uses Pipeline 2 to convert DAISY content (DTBOOK, DAISY 3, DAISY 2.02) to EPUB 3. Please download and execute the Pipeline 2 installer, and Tobi should subsequently be able to discover the path leading to the Pipeline runtime (command line executable):