Installing Pipeline-Lite

Obi—Installing Pipeline-lite

A light version of the Daisy pipeline named as Pipeline-lite is used by Obi for performing operations such as:

  • Encoding an exported DAISY book in MP3 format
  • Validating a DAISY 3 book
  • Validating a DAISY 2.02 book
  • Renaming an exported file set

System Requirements

Pipeline-lite needs Java Runtime Environment to be installed, which can be downloaded from


After installing Java Runtime Environment follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download Pipeline-lite from Pipeline-lite for Obi 3.5
  2. Extract the file in the installation directory of Obi. By default, it should be C:\program files\The Urakawa Project\Obi x.x\
  3. This should create a folder named Pipeline-lite in Obi’s installation directory.
  4. In this Pipeline-lite directory, configure file paths in the file named—normally it works well without any need for configurations but you may need to reconfigure it if problems are encountered.